21 Best Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

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You have a very beautiful and most caring girlfriend and you are thinking on something to do with her. There are many things to do with your girlfriend and it’s always a good time and unique ways to spend time with her to get to know her in person.

In this I’m coming up with some ideas that you can do exactly same things with your girlfriend.

Obviously, you are man enough to take care of her things and to keep her happy all the time.

Your girlfriend in real sense just need some time and love from you.

But let’s check out the different things you can do with your girlfriend.

So, without any further ado let’s begin with

Things to do with your girlfriend 


Trekking: things to do with your girlfriend

This is the most fun adventure activity you can do with her. It’s the thing which most of the girls loves to do and explore the nature.

If you believe that your girlfriend really loves to hang around or loves to experience different things, you should go for trekking.

One of the important reason you should go for a trek with your girl because you know trekking is never easy and all through the route you will face difficulties.

This is most unique ways you can get to know her and see how you both can face the difficulties together and get with the solution.

Go to the fest


The next things to do with your girlfriend is you can go to the fest.

There are many towns and cities where you can get to hang around and enjoy the moment of fest.

Especially if there is some celebrity or a person which you girl really admire and that person is coming to the fest, then you can’t miss that fest!

Take your time from the busy schedule and get her to that fest. There are many different activities which you can do and win some gifts for her.

This will really make your girlfriend mood so good and she will love you even more.

Visit some historical place

Things to do with your girlfriend

Whenever you are planning to go out for a travel then make sure that place has some historical background.

The reason is simple because history will give you reason to be there for some time and by together you can gain knowledge about the past.

Especially, whenever there is some old monuments then it grab your attention and this is where you find your girlfriend to be fond of such history places.

This thing will give you good memory and by this you can spend much more time with your girl.

Late night dinner

Night dinner

The next beautiful thing you can do is to take her out for dinner.

The dinner shouldn’t be just a normal night dinner.

Take her for late night dinner where you can find more peace and place where you can spend memorable time with your girlfriend.

Late night dinner idea is the best way to surprise your girlfriend and also to give her rest atleast from one night.

By taking her to the best restaurant and getting her favorite meals will eventually make her feel that you really care for her and this will develop more love with your girlfriend.

Fun things to do with your girlfriend

Go to some parks


This is the most simplest way you can be with your girlfriend and spend some time.

Take your girlfriend to some parks where you can find not to much of people.

Just simply go for a walk and you can always talk about your future.

When you see the nature and happening places near by you can take some good decision about your life.

Hold her hand, walk and enjoy the nature.

Remember, always talk to your girlfriend that’s the best thing you can do with her.

Plan out some prank

Prank on girlfriend

One of the funniest things you can do is to plan out some prank on her.

In western countries this is the tradition between boyfriend and girlfriend where they loves to do prank on each other.

While planning out prank you need to be careful that you don’t hurt anyone’s feeling.

If your girlfriend is sporty then you should look for some prank.

The ultimate idea of pranking your girlfriend is just to make her smile and make her feel happy at the end.

This is where you can come close to each together on the fun way.

Also, by this you can also check how your girlfriend is reacting to something and by this you can get to know about her favorite things do.

Adapt one sport activity 

Things to do with your girlfriend

This is the thing which will help you to be with your girlfriend in a most engaging way.

Be indulge into some sports activity may be it should be like table tennis, badminton, go kart or shooting.

Sports is the best way to pass your time and when you are with your girlfriend you both can actually like the sport even more better.

The main goal is to be with your girlfriend for a longer time.

Sports will keep you both healthy, active and it will help you to improve your understanding with her.

Make a barbecue party

Barbecue party

When you are thinking to spend time with your girlfriend in a fun way then probably you can try to make barbecue in your garden.

There’s no doubt in girls likes to cook.

At the night time, when the weather is little bit cool it’s the best time for barbecue.

Doesn’t matter you are a good chef or not but it is always good idea to cook with your girlfriend.

This is most best things to do with your girlfriend.

Just help her in every way of cooking and she will be so happy by having you with her in cooking.

Things to do with your girlfriend at home

Decorate your house

Decorate house

The best thing you can do with her is to make your house to look best.

Decoration is another best thing which the girls like most.

Things like changing the outlook of your bedroom, making your room more fashionable and presentable is definitely the things your girlfriend will like.

Get all the things to make your room and house look good and help your girlfriend in the best way you can.

Watch late night movies

Watching movie with girlfriend

When you are alone at your house with your girlfriend and then it is the best time to watch movies together.

Grab your snacks and watch her favorite movies.

Hold her in your arms and make her comfortable with you and enjoy the movie.

It’s best to watch movie and have your girlfriend much closer with you.

Read books together

Reading books: things to do with your girlfriend

If you love to get some stories and get into the flow of suspense, then you should start reading books.

When you done with the dinner, it’s the best time to read books with your girlfriend and be in story mood.

There are many books which you can read and explore different genre.

If you love to be more romantic then it’s good to read some books of love and relationship.

This will improve bond with your girlfriend.

Be in your bed

Couple in bed

When you have your girlfriend and you are all alone in your house then it’s not always you will be working or going out somewhere.

This is so important to understand and realize that you need some time with your girlfriend in very personal.

Just be in your bed and let your girlfriend be with you all the time.

Just look at her and talk to her and spend some time.

Don’t let your girlfriend to go out (except for the necessary things like going to washrooms).

Try to utilise your whole day with your girlfriend. Just relax and be with her all the day.

This is one of the most relaxing things to do with your girlfriend.

Romantic things to do with your girlfriend

Make love with her

Romantic couple

As a couple then this is the most thing which is gonna happen in a relationship.

This is the best way you can show your love to your girlfriend by actually getting much closer to her.

Make love and spend some romantic nights with her.

Kiss her and hold her tight and give it a long hug which will make her so relaxed and comfortable with you.

Make for candle light dinner

Candle light dinner

The next romantic things to do with your girlfriend is to take her to candle light dinner.

This idea are especially liked by the girls and they pretty much like the environment of such things.

They find it much romantic and this is the best place where you can be alone and talk some romantic things with each other.

All this small things are really liked by the girls and so you should do to your girlfriend to make her feel special.

When you get any idea about any of the candle light dinner just implement it.

Don’t wait for anything else.

Surprise her on beach

Surprise her on beach

When you are traveling and you have some spare days with you, this is the best time you can have with you to surprise your girlfriend.

Take your girlfriend to some nice beach and in advance make some surprise ideas.

Like you can plan out for romantic night on beach resort or you can make arrangements for sitting and spend some time with your girlfriend.

By the time you are with your girlfriend then suddenly with some nice roses shower plan in advance you can propose her.

This will make her heart melt and she will be so happy.

Coffee hearts

Coffee hearts

The best way you can be more romantic with your girlfriend is by surprising her in most loveable way.

This is can be done in the early morning.

When she is in her bed, just go and prepare some nice coffee for both of you.

Get her up and surprise her with some nice looking and delicious coffee.

Don’t forget to make heart on the top of the coffee layer.

This is the thing which girls find more romantic and caring.

Hold her and sit beside her and enjoy your morning coffee.

Cute things to do with your girlfriend

Treat her like a baby


This is the most cutest things and the most thing liked by girls.

When somebody treat a girl like a small baby then the girl feel so special and this will make her to be yours very quickly.

Make your girlfriend feel like she is your small baby and treat her the same way.

Look for the small things which will make her happy and will make her feel so emotional and attached to you.

This is the cute things you can always do for your girlfriend.

Make her hair looks good

Hair style

Whenever you are free and you see your girlfriend making her hair, just go and grab her from behind.

Make her hair and give them a nice look.

Though you may not be so good in making hairstyle but give it a try and just be engage with your girlfriend.

By taking care of her in this way will really make your girlfriend feel so happy.

This small cute little things are much liked by the girls.

You can also try to give her some oil massage to her head and make her feel so relaxed.

It looks small activity but this will always make you to be with your girlfriend for longer time.

Go out for a photoshoot

couple doing photoshoot

It should be coming out of the sudden and when you decide to go out to some nice looking place, it’s the best time you can make your girlfriend happy.

Obviously, whenever you will go out your girlfriend will get ready so much like there is some festival or event.

So, grab this opportunity to realise her that she looks so damn beautiful.

Bring your camera and get some nice pictures of her.

Do some amazing photoshoot of her with some nice background.

You can also try to get some couple pictures and this will help you in creating some good memories with your girlfriend.

Go for a bike ride

Bike ride

This idea is all time favorite. If you love to go for some long drive then you should try this out.

When you have girlfriend with you then this will become even more fun.

If you know that your girlfriend knows how to ride a bike, then give her the bike and you sit behind her.

Get into the motion and enjoy the cool breeze.

Grab your girlfriend from behind and hug her.

This will give warm feeling and your girlfriend will surely like this moment.

Get the bed ready for her


It is always the responsibility of the girl to make your bed ready.

But this time you will do it for her.

When you finished all the day and all your work

You had your dinner and your girlfriend is washing the dishes, then you can go make the bed ready.

Just make a nice arrangement, put all the stuff in one line and make your bed look so clean and ready for sleep.

Turn off the lights and get some room freshner and get the right mood for making your night more romantic.

Get your girlfriend next to you on the bed and hold her tight and sleep like a baby.

That’s all I have for you and I’m sure that you have good couple of ideas. So don’t miss out anything and try the variations from this things to do with your girlfriend.

For good to go tip it is always important to realize that she is yours and you need to take care for her. Caring is the most like thing which your girlfriend will be looking for.

Just spend maximum day out with her and with all your caring.

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