63 Best And Cute Boyfriend Quotes

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It is hard to tell what you feel? Want to tell your boyfriend what you feel?

Then here we have shared cute boyfriend quotes that will help you to express your feelings.

Sometimes words can do magic and so tell your boyfriend what your heart feels with the help of these words.

Best Boyfriend Quotes

He is the one that I want in my life because he understands me and loves me.

Boyfriend quotes

I know everyone is not perfect but how can I tell you in my eyes you’re the perfect man.


You guide me, help me and cheer me up whenever I feel down and that’s why without you I’m incomplete.


You just need someone who stands with you when there is a dark time in your life and he is willing to sit with you and listen to your crazy thoughts.


The more time you will spend with someone the more you know about them, but the more time I spend with you the more I love you that’s the truth. 


You stole my heart now I want a promise from you that you will always take care of me.

Cute boyfriend quotes

The moment you hug me and show your love I want that moment to stop right there. 


Sometimes I just want to see you and talk to you because without seeing you it is hard for me to sleep at night. 


The moment you hold my hand and look me in the eyes it is the most beautiful moment of my life. 


You don’t need someone with good looks, you need someone who comes running to you when you are in trouble. 


I know where to find my happiness, it lies with you. 


One day I will make you say that I’m glad that this girl came in, my life and changed me into a new person. 


You are like a sun, bright and beautiful because of you now I know how beautiful it is to love someone.


It doesn’t matter where I go, it is hard to focus on work because you always keep my mind busy and that’s wonderful. 


Whenever I feel lonely you always take me in your arms and make me forget every painful feeling that I have in my heart.


I don’t know if it is your talent or you have some special abilities because you always read my mind.


You always treat me like a princess and that’s one of the best moments in my life. 


I think my real strength is you, if you are with me I’m strong without you I’m just like broken pieces of mirror. 


You are like the ocean whenever I watch you I smile and I forget everything and that’s one of the best things about you. 

Boyfriend quotes

I know you are popular but I’m the only one that can handle you. 


If you surround yourself with good people you change and I think that’s true because from the day I’m with you I became a completely different person. 


I met you accidentally but now you are my boyfriend and that’s the best thing that happens in my life. 


That smile of yours is some kind of magic because it only took one smile to make me happy.


I’m shy but when I’m with you my shyness goes away and I become a cheerful person, I think there is something special about you. 


I’m glad that you found me, the first time in my life I thought how wonderful it is to love someone.


The world is big but in this big world, I found someone, it is precious now that precious person is my boyfriend. 


You always said to me that be the girl you want but my love for you will never change and that moment I fell in love with you again. 

Sweet Boyfriend Quotes 

Sweet boyfriend quotes

Being here with you right now it is a special moment for me.


When I look at the sky then I suddenly realise that my precious moon is right with me.


Whenever I’m lost in the darkness you shine like a star that guides me in the right direction. 


Every little thing that you do to just turn my sad face into a happy face I love that. 


You’re like a magnet which keeps attracting me.


You’re like a rock who never break, who stands in front of me and protect me from the storm.


When I can’t keep something inside me you say I will listen and afterwards you say with a smile feeling better. 


Sometimes I act like a little child in front of you because I want more attention from you, it is childish I know. 


The future I dream, one day I want to make that dream real with you because without you that dream is incomplete.


When you lost and want to go in the right direction you need a compass but in my life, you’re my compass because you always guide me in the right direction.

Sweet boyfriend quotes

I like it when you get jealous because that shows how special and precious, I’m in your eyes. 


You listen to my problems quietly and provide me answers and that’s one of your best qualities and I love that side about you. 


From meeting coincidentally to becoming lovers it was a good journey and I think from the time I met you my life has changed and that’s why you’re very special.


With one smile you take over my mind and that’s the magic you always do and now I believe in magic so please show me more magic spells. 


Sometimes we can’t see each other and that made me realise how much I want to see you, talk to you and hug you. 


If you give me a pen and paper and tell me to write something good about you I think one page is not enough, that’s how much I love you. 


You’re like rain when you just hear them you automatically relax and you just enjoy your time and it takes away all your worries. 


Your ordinary life becomes exciting when you meet someone special and I think when that happens you will never go back to your ordinary life. 


I think I have the strongest shield and that is you because when you have the strongest shield no one can break you and hurt you and that is amazing so please become my shield and protect me. 


My life was dull but now it is exciting it was like you changed my black and white life into colourful.

Cute And Short Boyfriend Quotes

Cute boyfriend quotes

You know how to annoy me but you also know how to make me fall for you.


You stick with me and listen to my stupid thoughts even you hate to listen but it’s so funny to see the reaction you give. 


It is hard to make a place of your own in someone’s heart but you have made one in my heart and it’s yours for a lifetime. 


Best place to rest is in your arms so open your arms and let me rest. 


I wish in the future we see each other face every day when we wake up and I hope that dream comes true. 


Even if I’m angry you calm me down easily even if I’m sad you make me happy how you do that I want to know. 


You’re like a tree who is strong and always stands tall in front of me and protects me and by watching you I gain confidence. 

Short boyfriend quotes

I know it is stupid to say but the little things you do to irritate me and little things you do to make me happy I like that. 


It is hard to hide sad feelings from you because you always see through me I always think, how you do that. 


When I learn something new about you it makes me happy but it also makes me want to know more about you, I hope one day you will tell me all about yourself.


It is hard to read your mind but when I do and the face you make it’s so funny I like that. 


I hope one day you will see how you look from my eyes, you will be shocked. 


When I annoy you and the face you make is so cute that moment I want to hug you and tell you how much I love you. 


I trust you completely, that’s how much I believe in our love. 


When I asked you how much you love me then suddenly you hug me and say to me you can’t imagine I want that moment to be frozen. 


When someone asks me what you want my reply is simple, the thing I want most is to be with you forever and create memories and face difficulty together. 

I hope you like this sweet and cute boyfriend quotes.

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