110+ Crazy Funny Status For WhatsApp To Make Other’s Laugh

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Uploading or writing up this small but crazy funny status for WhatsApp can make someone smile.

It can be a great way to showcase your creativity and your intense humour, to make someone feel – Are you, good bro?

Depends upon you, how you manage to put in some humour and execute it and one good-to-go tip is that,

If you can relate to a person and daily life goings or activities, it will add more sense to it.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Crazy Funny Status For WhatsApp

Crazy funny status for whatsapp

I don’t work all day out. But, I don’t have one.

Usually, I don’t waste my time writing up status. But for people like me, I do have to entertain some of you.

My trainer asks me to burn more calories. So I ordered pizza and burned and made it a BBQ version and now I’m having a chilled life.

In the middle of the night, if you are still reading this then trust me you too don’t work.

If your girl calls you ‘Baby’ then remember babies don’t think with their brains.

Running out of battery, I will complete this status tomorrow. Do visit back!

If I replied to you back, then please mind sometimes I do things intentionally.

If you think you are beautiful, let me tell you, your thinking is not so beautiful!

I don’t like people who think of great ideas. So better don’t fall into my enemy zone.

People don’t like to hang around with me. So I call them and hang up their call.

If you think I’m rich, then at least for this keep thinking the same way.

I decided to study for 1 hour for my upcoming exam but I know I cannot cover the entire syllabus in 1 hour.

Check my status after 30 min. As you were not fooled by this one.

Smile because you either don’t look in just a simple look.

My doctor asked me not to eat sugar. Therefore, I started drinking soft drinks.

I was thinking to earn 1 Million Dollars per day but all of sudden my mom screamed ‘Be In Your Limits’.

Elon musk is so rich and I do check his status all time. Think how poor I am. But wait! Are you checking mine?

If you think you can better piece of advice, then keep it with you.

I’m sleeping. I’m sleeping. You to sleep. Don’t check other people’s status, it’s too late.

My internet is slow otherwise I could have written more.

McDonald doesn’t like France I guess. Because they do sell lots of French-Fries.

TEARS – Usually comes when watching emotional scenes. But doesn’t comes out when my life goes through sad times.

I don’t know why but my happiness takes too much to load properly.

Sugar is very addictive and therefore I decided not to have it with my chocolates.

I was riding Hayabusa and one rider passes by me and said – “Wake up kid, it’s time to go to school”.

Cool Funny Status For WhatsApp

Crazy funny status for whatsapp


My camera doesn’t flash at me. Because it knows nothing will reflect well.

Nokia phones failed because it was ‘No-Okia’

I don’t use perfume much often because my perfume doesn’t take shower every day.

Facebook buys WhatsApp. Because Zuckerberg knows not every Book will make him rich.

I’m a hardcore investor. I do invest a lot of time in social media.

Football is not my cup of tea. Because everyone is focusing on one single ball. I try to be different and stand-alone.

My life is like – ‘Riding a motorbike in the air. Yes, I know it is ‘Pointless’.

You should try online shopping because their no-one will judge whether you can buy it or not.

My status is not so good that you keep on checking every day.

I keep on failing because I don’t want people to follow my path.

My brother is very sensible in every aspect unless he tries to be.

Spiderman is just hype. Watch a woman when she finds a cockroach around her.

As a husband, speak less. Because even if you speak more or less, it is counted as the same. Which is ‘Useless’.

My writing pointless because I don’t know what is the point of you, on keep checking my status.

Not even a single time I will hesitate to give you money. I have full faith in you. You don’t trust me? Read the first 5 words of this message again.

If I’m bored. I message my friend via email even though I don’t have a job.

My memory is not good. If I have not invited you to my party. Please and out of my love and a humble request…..guest lists are full!!!!

My friend let’s go to Dubai. I have heard they recruit a ton of labour every year.

You might have heard, after 12th Grade, you will have full freedom. And trust me just like ‘Freedom 450’ it was nothing but a scam.

My favourite colour is Pink. I’m a Boy. I spend my life mostly with women around me all the time.

My success is like going to Jupiter. Which is not possible.

I like your laugh because it tells more than how stupid you are.

Short Crazy Funny Status For WhatsApp

Crazy funny status for whatsapp


Sometimes you don’t have good enough time to write some hilarious but crazy funny status for WhatsApp that can make others smile.

Writing requires a better time and creative ideas to exactly match the demand.

But if you are falling into such a case, then do consider simply copying and paste the status for WhatsApp which is short that that job for you.

So, let’s quickly cover some of them,

I went to the hardware shop but I couldn’t find any one hardware component of a computer.

If you don’t understand babies’ behaviour and their mischievous things then do remember you both don’t have brains.

I’m not good at lies but I don’t know how I managed to fool you every time.

I thought to buy a BMW car but later it reminds ‘Be Mindful Of Wallet’.

Suddenly I forgot my password but then remember my bank account status – 00000.

If you don’t believe in me. Let me tell you did someone ask you?

I’m a digital commentator. I only comment on other people’s posts.

My friends think I’m a super genius. But I can’t even fix my problem.

How about changing PUBG to SUBG? If you know what I mean.

If you want to earn money instantly. Then please go and work.

I have only two people who check my status. One is me and the other one is You.

I’m very good at putting oil in someone’s hole. Therefore I took a job at a Petrol pump.

Miss, you so much darling. But wait! I don’t have one.

I go out to look at how the outside world is moving. And trust me everyone had moved on, except you.

Crazy Funny Status For WhatsApp In English

Funny status for whatsapp

If you want to increase your attention and become good in the eyes of others as in terms you can write up a good status line.

Especially these all are for Indians, as they do have tons of regional languages stand adding some crazy funny status for WhatsApp in English might become difficult at some point.

But you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Below are a bunch of cool statuses which you can consider uploading on your WhatsApp section.

Let’s quickly cover some of them,

Onions do make me cry a lot, therefore I took them to the steam room so that they feel the same.

Of 90% of the Guys who go to the gym. The majority reason behind is a true breakup story.

With the help of technology I wish I could delete my teacher’s knowledge, so she could go for a re-examination of herself first.

I never bought a pen during my college period. But by the end of my college course, I do have 68 pens in my collection.

Tom never ate Jerry because Tom knew it very well if I do, then no one will watch this show ever again.

They said Synergy gives more results. Then why not combine Sunday + Monday = More Fun

You need to take tough calls but for that, you need to have a full recharge mind with that broadband decision don’t mind losing because I don’t play unnecessary games like you.

My team is very creative. So much so that they do remain in my imagination only.

Turn the volume up and listen to hilarious audio. Did you just do what I said?

When I see my friends. I know they are giving me real competition in doing nothing.

If you are not good at entertaining. If you are still reading this, then at least I’m better than you.

I want to surprise my wife but my wife is silent. And that surprises me every day

My first teacher said that you will do nothing in your life. My second teacher said you should respect your elders. Therefore, even nowadays I’m giving full respect to my first teacher.

I joined MMA in 2021 with full determination. Once my trainer punched me in the face. I got up today in 2022 as a fresh baby.

If you don’t know what to do in life. Let me give you one good piece of advice, Let’s hang out together bro!

I’m a very good dancer. But I only show my moves in dark.

If you want to make new friends. Go to any stranger and say – ‘Man that girl was talking about you.

I do love to sleep a lot. Because I don’t which of my dreams are best for me.

Facebook and Instagram earn a lot from my hard efforts. As I spend almost 7-8 hours on their platform.

I do have a key to success but I don’t know which goal to lock in.

Some people go to work. Some people own their businesses. And people like me just pass on judgements for those two kinds of off people.

My closet doesn’t have any expensive clothes. Because I don’t have money to buy them.

I do have great ideas but they are like wifi with no internet connection.

Unique Crazy WhatsApp Status

Short funny status for whatsapp

I asked Alexa – ‘Please turn off thesoothehe m lights and she replied – ‘Itna to Karle kaamchor’.

If you want to find the right path, then go find it, what do you come here for every day?

College teaches you everything except for one thing and that is how to crack a high-paying job.

Find good friends because bad people are just sitting free to come into your life on any terms.

With downloading so many applications, and software I know we all never read any of their T&C policy ever.

To see the actual struggle and want to get success, you need to go to the outside world. And you are still waiting here?

In the middle of the night, if you are feeling to talk with someone, do remember I’m always there on my bed, sleeping tight.

If you have a habit of checking the status of others, either you are too free or you are still single.

I downloaded Netflix for free and when I played it, it started with ‘POOORDUUMM’

I’m available but not for you.

Only interested in talking about marriage.

If you can lend me some money then it’s ok. If not, please delete my contact.

Want to have peace in marriage, say Sorry as fast as you can.

When a single person gives you advice on having a successful relationship is like a professor giving you advice on how to run a business without actually doing it.

I play very good cricket. And unbeatable only at EA Cricket 2007.

Can we go to a movie? Only if you agree to pay for it. Or else you can watch POGO.

Behind every successful company, there are very underrated hard efforts of security staff. To keep the company safe and secure.

Decided to lose weight but then I realized I need to put on weight first.

I was having no idea or thoughts to write about therefore I decided to update this status for you.

It’s almost the end of the Pandemic (Covid-19) and I’m still doing Work From Home. Doing my dishes.

People say – ‘Do stuff which is in your control’. Right now I’m controlling you.

How wrong it will be to say that you came here just by an accident?

People say -‘Follow the right path. I live in the village and my village doesn’t even have a proper road.

Smile every day and make it a practice. You too can get a chance to get featured for the ‘Toothpaste Ad’.

If I could have kept my wife silent, I could have successful marriage life.

Don’t judge me. You don’t even have any of that degree.

Final Words

Hope you have got a clear idea and tons of crazy funny statuses for WhatsApp which are kinda humorous and relateable to day to day conduct of our life. Get your favourite line onto your status sections and enjoy uploading.

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