167 New English Status For What’sApp [2022]

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There is a obvious need of getting some high sensible and awesome english status that can make a good personality of you in front of others.

No matter, which social platform you trying to upload this status but by using this you can really start a good intro of self or about your life in general.

By the end of reading this, one thing is sure you don’t have to search for anything else in elsewhere.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Best English Status

English status

Peace is something that comes from firm belief and understanding

Normally you don’t have enough time to care because of prioritizing other things that doesn’t matter

Start with the things and learn from the process

Smile because this day will never come back

If you lose hope, you are done

Believe in you rather than people making you believe in them blindly

What is done is done, nothing can be changed

Power is what comes from mind

Do not rely on someone too much

Quitting is never an option, Trying is the best option

What you see is not 100% real

This life is temporary, live it wisely

Ignorance is what hurts the most

Be the hero of your own story, make it blockbuster

When you have to too much ‘WHY’ in your mind, something is wrong with you

english status about struggle

Everyday is meant for hustling hard

There is no need to convince every single people around you

When you feel joy in something, experience it deeply

Nothing is permanent, everything has it’s own time

Giving pain is very easy, Making an ease for someone is quite difficult but is worth it

One day they too will love you. One day they shall too understand you

Best english status to remember


Comparison will always break you from in and out

I don’t prefer to have competition, because it will limit you at the end

Smiles bring calmness. Don’t hesitate to spread it

Understanding is maturity. Endless arguments comes out of ego

People can’t make your decisions, but they can largely influence it

Life without you is of no purpose

Early heartbreaks kills every emotions

If it is your’s it will fall for you

Adjustment should be made by you and not to expect from anyone

Peace is only the solution

Remove the hatred otherwise one day it shall remove you

Don’t try to figure out everything. You will be surprised by some facts

I’m  good for those who are good. I’m good for those who are bad too. I can’t fit into your shoes as to ruin my life

I don’t talk useless. But as people I can adapt it too

I like to have quality people rather than focusing on just numbers

Helping is an act of kindness

Beauty is something which is reflected directly what’s their in your heart

Be careful of what people guide you. Some can be good. Some want good from you

Unique Status In English


Money cannot buy happiness

Money cannot buy happiness. True! It can buy more than that

Giving with intention of no return is the best human nature you can have

Be responsible of your actions. Pointing out to someone is very easy. Self introspection is very hard

Sharing will never reduce anything from your destiny

Just be good with your words. It’s enough to maintain good relation

Do not give importance to the things you cannot solve after trying 1000 times

Trust can be broken easily. I promise this won’t happen with you

Waiting for the right moment can make you lose something valuable

Why can’t you change. Learning is always better than being stubborn

Do not fall for someone’s look from outside, inner character is what matters

Wasting time can be very easy. Spending it wisely is what makes you stand out

I’m moody and so you too remain temporary

What can be worst than self doubt

Don’t expect good if you are not good to others

You have only one life, make it remarkable

For every doubt there is a bad evil that pokes you

Do not afraid to go right when they go left

You just can’t smile on every situation

Some people will care and some people will curse. Make the choice wisely

By forgiving there is a chance of things getting better but not always

Life is not joke but if you don’t live to the marks it can probably mock you

You must have that firm determination to make the difference

No matter what people are saying. Focus on your goals. And people shall shift their focus too

Every piece of art takes time and you were brought to this world after valuable time

Nothing will break you except for those things when you know it is wrong but you still believes and accept it as right

Never speak much about yourself. Some talks will be use against you at the wrong time

Wasting time in luxury is useless. Building luxury is the best investment

You have to come out of the comfort zone to achieve something really extraordinary

Having friends in life is joy. Having no friends in life is so struggling

Not every happy faces are happier from inside

Silence can break someone or it can ruin someone

Status About Life


Amazing life status

Every hardships in life will teach you an important lesson

Be happy on what you have. Also Be happy on what you give. And Be happy on what you receive in life

When you take someone’s else problem in your hand and tries to figure it out, remember that your heart is very pure

The moment you realize you are given much more than what you deserve in life. Almost all of your problems will end

Poetry is not easy and the one who does it has seen a lot in life

You should always aim for the high but always in good

Life is good only when you stop complaining

You were always been protected but still you opt for being ungrateful. Repent before it is too late

Happiness will definitely find you until you remain in the process of hustling

The beauty of the life is you get to learn much more than other’s life as compared to yourself

It is important to understand and value yourself rather than focusing on others

Being emotional is ok but to get played with emotions is not ok

Good status in english for whatsapp


You can find peace just by living a simple life

Do not get trap by the worldly things. As of they are not permanent

Remember those who gave everything to you without thinking twice of their own

Every shiny eyes has a deep story

Late night talks and unbreakable promises are nothing but a temporary fun

Your life is absolute serious. Live it wisely

Even after argument you feel bad, just remember you are too responsible for the distress

Every morning sun shines with positive vibes and the same shall come over you

Having good goals is much better than being a person who is lost in his own space

Life is a journey

Life is a journey and every journey shall bring you with unexpected things

If you stop comparing, you can actually notice how much you can grow with what you have

It’s ok to be sad. But it is important to overcome through it

Be thankful for the unexpected things that happens that brings immense joy to you

Life is much more beyond your imagination

The more you are tested. The more loved one’s you are

You can either give excuse or you can make a better out of it

If you can accept your mistake then you can solve half of your problems

Attitude never builds from one’s self character. It is always influenced by other person

Good times always come, the truth is you never realize when did it went off

Hiding the truth is not bad, when you know it can be used against you

Love is always like an excitement. Every excitement has it’s downfall

WhatsApp Bio Line In English

WhatsApp bio line in english

Don’t judge someone by their one mistake. Better learn how they got improved

Life can be hard or easy. All depends on you how you live it

Friends are valuable assets. Assets value never gets down

Sometime silence is very painful. It can create mental disturbance in someone’s life

Love is a beautiful experience. Having a true one is more beautiful

Being emotional is much better than hiding or acting fake

Don’t reply to those when you know they just need attention for meaningless talk

Be happy because you never intentionally wanted to do something wrong

Give space to yourself and to others. Don’t forcefully disturb someone’s else life

If you can believe in you in your hardest time. Trust! You are becoming and growing stronger

I wanted to be alone. Don’t think I don’t need you

I can do whatever you want. But in return I can’t expect you to leave me behind for no reason

Make your start good. The end will substantially take it roots in the same way

English status about friends


Friends are those, who insults you in front and protects you at your back

You will get to know the real faces as time goes

Peace of mind and deep breathe

Listen to your heart. Be mindful in the same time to choose between right and wrong

Your presence is what I want in my life. My life will change on it’s own

Don’t act the same way what other’s are acting like. You are not their mirror reflection

Love has no vision in it

Smile because you deserve it, actually you own it

Too much thinking will not change the situation

How good I was when I found you

Digesting the truth is very difficult. Remember the difficulties always remains for longer run

Hope you understand is the most misused phrase to deeply disturb someone

Be happy and spread love. Nothing will benefit you in spreading hatred amongst each other

WhatsApp Status Lines In English

Sometime it is very hard to hold on to something for so long. Letting go is something you should try

When you can give up on your dreams to make someone else’s dream come true, trust! You have such a beautiful heart

Nothing can breaks you if you have strong will power and firm determination

Trust is like an egg


Trust is like an egg. One small hit and it can break, even if it wasn’t made intentionally

Remember my story and pass it on

Get inspired by the righteous people. Don’t fall for what looks good from outside

Give hands to needy people. Don’t simply ignore them. At least pass on one real smile

All mishappening things starts with why

Never pass on the statements without verifying and validating it

Choose me but never keep me in the waiting list

I’m good to those who are good to me. I don’t exist for those who are bad to me

Do not consider those who don’t react. They are much wise than you

Why not to focus on self rather than waiting for someone’s else story to shine

Every thoughts can be converted into real and indeed you need to make wise decisions

Remember, If you do good you will receive the same. When someone’s else does bad to you then they too will receive the same now or later

Not every point is meant to be discussed but some are self realized

Do not fall for whatever you see. Remember, mirror only reflects one side

Always be good listener and see how your life changes accordingly

Status To Use On Facebook

Take rest and things will heal on it’s own

I only react badly to those who wants to make their life hell

English status for FB


Not wasting time on matching people expectation. I don’t live to impress them

Set a competition that there is only one player that can match that standard and that is You!

Do not judge me from outside, I’m very good at acting

Time passes and the grudges you hold in your heart will make it heavier and might puts you in trouble

Learn to move on and be a silent mover when a disaster happens in your life

Firstly, people use to laugh at me and now they are bit serious on impactful stuff I did in my life

No one really cares for you the moment you enter into being ungrateful zone

If I’m not replying you, trust me you are not that important to me anymore

You may not like my decision and it is completely fine. Suffering always come from ignoring the right advice

If you are waiting for the right person to enter in your life and be a game changer. Remember, that person went ahead of you

Jealously comes out of when you extraordinarily expects things to come in your way that will doesn’t even make meaning in your life

I know who I am and I don’t need your opinion. Sorry! Sorry for absolutely nothing

Believe in this process-

Phase 1 People – “What stupid things you are doing”
Phase 2 People – “How did you do that?”

Remember kids will always like playable things. Real people likes achievable stuffs

Status For FB In English


The moment you shift your focus from “Why” to “When”, you will notice that you are on right track

Do not wait for the right opportunity, work on your process. Process will automatically create beautiful opportunities

Be the best of you because there should be no option of trying

Whenever you feel like to quit just remember you were brought for a reason

That’s it from the English status and includes a good bunch of lines that you can give a personal touch or simply paste on your status option.

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