54 Best Fake Love Quotes And Sayings

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Looking for fake love quotes? Then you are in the right place. You will love this collection of quotes that we have shared below. 

Love is beautiful but sometimes you have to love the right person because, in this big world, there are many fake lovers.

Don’t trust someone blindly because you don’t know what are their true intentions.

Read these quotes that I have shared below and find out the difference between fake and real love.

Fake Love Quotes

Fake love quotes

“If someone truly loves you they don’t judge you”


“If you never loved me then why did you come in my life”


“I care about you but you never care about me and I thought we will spend our entire life together”


“Don’t use someone just for your own benefit because you don’t know how much it hurts when they will know the truth”


“Don’t fall for fake smile because you don’t know what are they hiding behind their fake smile”

Fake love quotes

“It hurts when you know that the person you love the most is never loved you he is just using you”


“You have given me pain but I hope someday you will understand how it feels when someone broke your heart” 


“You broke my heart, you hurt my feelings and I hope you will understand one day why it hurts so bad” 


“When you come in my life I thought you are the one that I’m looking for but I was wrong”


“Now I really understand what is the difference between real and fake love”


“You are just pretending that you love me but in reality, you never loved me and I was so stupid that I fall for it” 


“My heart doesn’t want to believe what you have done but it is the truth and I have to accept it”


“I can’t believe someone can fake their love to just enter somebody’s life” 


“Don’t make fake promises if you can’t fulfill them”


“I thought you and I are made for each other but I was wrong”


“I fall for your fake love and now my heart is broken, I learned my lesson in life”

Fake love quotes

“One day you will know who are the real ones and fake ones in your life” 


“Don’t enter somebody’s life just to use them because it hurts very bad when they know the truth” 


“I was so foolish that I believe every word that you said, now I can see what person, you truly are”


“Your love was fake but my love for you was real I can’t believe I fall in love with the wrong person” 


“We have made promises that we will face every situation in life together but when the situation was difficult you left me alone”

Fake love quote

“It is better to stay lonely in life rather than having someone who doesn’t want to be with you”


“Don’t pretend just be real because someday in life you will be exposed” 


“I never thought you will leave me, but what can I expect from a fake lover”


“Why you come in my life if you never meant to stay”


“My heart was broken in a single moment when I find out the truth that you are hiding from me” 


“In life, some people will hurt you but there are some people who will always stay by your side so don’t lose them because they are real people”


“I thought you and I are perfect but how stupid was I’m that I believe this illusion” 


“If you don’t want to stay just say the truth but don’t make fake promises” 

Fake relationship quotes

“Sometimes, some bad experiences in life will teach you some good lessons” 


“I never thought you will give me this much pain, I hope one day in life you will understand how it feels when you are heart is broken”


“It hurts but it is good that it ends because now I’m happy that I’m not in that fake relationship” 


“It is better to leave alone rather than living with someone who only cares about themselves” 


“If you truly value my feelings you have never left me alone” 


“I wonder if you really care about me or you are just pretending” 


“You made a promise to me that you will stay by my side but when the situation was tough the only person is standing there was me”


“Only one lie is enough to break someone’s heart so don’t lie be real”


“Real love will make you happy but fake love will only give you pain”


“Don’t trust someone blindly because, in the end, you are the only one who is going to hurt” 


“It was my mistake that I fall in love with your fake smile” 


“It is hard for me to trust someone again because I once trusted someone blindly and that person broke that trust in a single moment” 


“In the end, you will see there are only those people who care about you then you will understand who are the real ones in your life” 


“You said to me that you will hold my hand in every situation but you are not there when I needed you the most” 

Fake Love Quotes Images

Fake relationship quotes

“I did everything for you but in the end, I only got pain from you” 


“Fake love doesn’t last long only true love will last longer and you will understand it one day” 

fake love quotes images


“It is hard but I have to accept that some people change really fast” 

quotes for fake love



“Worst feeling is when you find out he is just using you and you can’t do anything except crying” 

quotes for fake lovers


“Fake love will hurt you and will break your heart but it teaches you some important lessons in life” 


“You said to me that I’m important to you but it was a big lie and I fall for it” 


“It is all over you are mask is fall off now I really know who you really are” 


“I thought I know all about you but in the end, you prove me wrong by showing your true colors” 


“You never came to me when I needed you the most but I was there for you in your worst time and that is enough for me to see if you love me or not”


“I wonder, the memories that you created with me were all fake” 


“I thought you are the light that will clear my darkness but I was wrong you come in my life to spread more darkness” 

Let me know below which quote you like the most. I hope you like this fake love quotes and sayings

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