120 Really Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush (Over Text)

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Are you constantly having a watch over your crush and wanted to talk something really cheesy? Then these flirty questions to ask your crush will definitely help you in every sorts.

Remember, the aim here is not to approach directly and start talking in a romantic way but a normal good gesture can place a well atmosphere for this.

All the flirty and romantic questions you can side by side can put on over a conversation with your crush.

So  without any further ado let’s dive in.

Flirty questions to ask your crush


1. Are you not wearing a makeup today, oh I see this is your natural beauty right?

2. How often do you love to watch romantic movies?

3. Do have a habit of recalling some love moments whenever you are watching any love scenes?

4. Which color is your lipstick today?

5. Can you bring that lovely smile on your face again?

6. Did you just not wear the nighty last night I had sent you?

7. How did you manage to get those perfect curves?

8. Have you never thought of having a male friend who can personally take care of you?

9. How much hug do you feel is important in your life?

10. What’s the most attractive thing you like the most about me?

11. Does perfect and sharp jawlines attracts you?

12. Do you like men with having a six pack abs?

13. What’s the first thing in men (physical look) you probably will look for?

14. Do you like songs that has a deep love story in it?

15. If you ever got a chance to select color for two piece (bikini) which would it be?

16. Which two emoji will send if you ever want to show some love to me?

17. At what age do you get know about love, kisses and relationship?

18. If you ever want to pick a movie with best love ending, which it would be?

19. If you love someone, then for how long can you imagine yourself not talking to that person?

20. What do you most often wear at your house? Is it shorts or cosy long wear?

21. What kind of cheese do you like? In a solid form or in liquid and so cheesy form?

22. Do you like to behave in a childish way in front of your crush?

23. Do you have a habit of saying ‘Yes’ to everything in front of a person whom your secretly love?

24. Have you ever thought of romantic things that you wish that someone will do with you?

25. By watching romantic movies or series do you secretly create your own love stories with someone in your mind at night or during bed time?

26. What will you enjoy the most for a romantic date, will it be in a monsoon season or in a cold winter?

27. What are the good signs in a girls which shows that they are attracted towards a guy?

28. Do have a habit of constantly stocking to someone you like the most?

29. When you see me, does your heart beat tends to increase?

30. How often do you check my social account DP and status?

31. Does by watching kissing scenes turns you on?

32. What do you like the most lip lock kiss or kiss on a neck?

33. Does holding a guy’s hand increases your heart beat?

34. If you like someone, and you are having a face to face conversation, then often can you make an eye contact with that person?

35. Do you think sitting next to each other closely is important on a date?

36. What do you like most in men’s fashion?

37. Do you have a wish to wear your secret crush hoddie or jacket?

38. How do you think the conversation should end when you are talking to someone you like?

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Crush

Romantic flirty questions to ask your crush

Love is really beautiful experience and loving someone whom you really like and secretly keeps a checks on is an adoring moment in your life.

But sometime, talking directly isn’t the right option all time and throwing up your love talks indirectly with romantic questions that you can ask your crush will surely do it’s job.

So, let’s checkout some of the romantic and flirty questions to ask your crush.

1. At night what do you recall most about me?

2. What do you think if I accidentally sent ❤ emoji?

3. What will be your first impression if someone cuddles you from behind?

4. In a relationship, how do value someone holding your neck in a lovely manner?

5. What will be your best characteristics that you would like to describe which potentially lead into attracting someone?

6. How do you feel when someone you like praises you in front of others?

7. What do you rate the most, sexy figure or sexy dress?

8. How do you think good attire plays a role in looking good in front of your crush?

9. How often do you think you can take stand for someone you like when all other’s are just scolding at him for a silly reason?

10. Do you think your secret lover or crush should surprise you with small gifts during time period?

11. How will react when you came to know that the person you secretly like keeps on talking good things behind your back?

12. Until now how many guy had proposed you?

13. What is that one thing that will truly drive love feelings on first romantic date?

14. If I send you love messages everyday will you be to catch that note and signal?

15. Will you wear black dress for me one day?

16. If you had to list three things that you wish to happen on a romantic date then what it would be?

17. What do you think who should take first move for expressing their love, guy or a girl?

18. Will you like if someone whom you love will sleep on your laps?

19. How romantic it would for you if someone whom you like proposes you in front of others and gives you a surprise?

20. What will you choose from me, to get a kiss on a forehead or a kiss on lips?

21. How important do you think saying ‘I Love You’ to your partner is important in a relationship?

22. If you had to make someone get attracted by you, what all things probably you would do so?

23. How will you respond to if I asked you to stay over at my house for tonight?

24. What will do you if I grab you by your waist right now?

Intimate Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

Flirty questions to ask your crush

When you know that you deeply like someone and you are wondering how your love angle should take a move, then starting with questions will be good consider.

Also, getting more detailed in love, dating and relationship these intimate questions to ask your crush will help you a lot

So, let’s quickly check out these questions

1. What will you like to wear on your first marriage night?

2. Which body part of yours will you like to be touched by a guy when you are making love?

3. Do you think the color of a bra really turn on a guy?

4. Do you like flat tummy and curvy body?

5. Which undergarments will you like to get as a gift from someone you secretly love?

6. Do you think being naked will increase more intimacy amongst the partner?

7. Have you ever been into a situation where you been kissed from head to toe?

8. How important is having an intercourse in a marriage according to you?

9. If you had to choose from love and money, which one will you select?

10. Select from one of these, romantic holiday in Maldives or a romantic holiday in Paris?

11. If there is literally no one in the beach, will you try to make love with someone whom you like?

12. What’s your view on surprises kisses?

13. If I send you romantic and kisses GIF will that melt your heart?

14. If you ever just wanted to play cheesy, then which 3 emoji will send to me?

15. If you ever wanted to kiss me same as some movie scene which one it would be?

16. In a girl’s body which is biggest weakness?

17. Which will be your favorite color to pick for me that I should wear as a nighty?

18. If I accidentally touched your lips, then how will you react?

19. How would you feel if hold your waist for so long?

20. If I met you daily and we had a long and long conversation, will you start liking to have me around?

21. What cheesy thing would you do if you ever loose a game for fun?

22. It is ok if I call you baby?

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush Over Text

Flirty questions to ask your crush


1. If I put topless photo as my DP, will that interest you take a screenshot?

2. How do you think we should plan our marriage?

3. Do you like Rose’s?

4. If I want you to describe me in 3 lovely words, which it would be?

5. How do you look so pretty everytime?

6. How do you see experiencing love in your early stages of your life?

7. Can I talk to your mother for you?

8. I cannot live alone anymore, can you please come over at my house?

9. Can you wear crop top and video call me?

10. I like your smile, can you send me one photo?

11. How often do you check my last seen status on What’sApp?

12. If I post my photo with some other guy, do you feel jealous?

13. How much do you like having me around you?

14. Do you like the way I care for you?

15. If I didn’t talk to for 2 – 3 days then do you feel uncomfortable?

16. What would you like the most a hug from the front or a sweet cuddle from behind?

17. If I met you and I pull your cheeks like a baby, how will you react?

18. If I send you romantic scenes then will be able to catch my intentions?

19. How do you like me personally?

20. When you see a girl, what’s the first thing that you notices of her body?

21. How will you respond to if a girl ask you to go out for a date?

22. If you like a girl and then you saw her sister who is more prettier then what will you do?

23. How eagerly are you waiting to become a dad?

24. What’s the romantic thing that you want a girl should do to you?

25. Do you like a girl who is more friendly with you?

26. Do you like a possisve girl?

27. Through video call what all things can make you fall in love with me?

28. If you are angry and just to make you silent if I kiss you then how will your react?

29. If we were in a relationship then what cute nickname would you probably gave me?

30. What would you like to wear on your wedding?

31. What do you want as your child, a boy like me or a cute girl like you?

32. Do you consider me more than a friend?

33. Would you play a quick game for one cute photo?

34. Would you like to wear my hoodie all day long?

35. How much comfortable do you feel when I’m around you?

36. How important do you feel your curves are to attract someone?

How do you flirt over text with your crush?

Flirting can be really very fun but the idea here is not to use anyone or disturb someone mentally.

Having a small love and good talk with your crush can actually make things comes in your way.

It is important for you to understand some actions or text can directly be consider as something called cheesy or intensed flirty one’s and you don’t have to do that.

Slow start should be the good to go options.

Here the quick tips :.

Talk Good/ Praises 

This tip is specially for the guy. As you are start having a conversation with your crush.

Then in a timely manner inorder to seek her attention, it important for you to good things about her and it could be just anything.

Like – talk about how she looks, the way she talks, way she smiles and the way she cares and etc.,

There can be a bunch of things which you can notice and remember do praise about the things which are genuine.

Showing that you like such and such things about a person, indicates that you  already had start liking that person.

And girls do like to listen good things and specially if it is about their beauty and character they truly adore and loved to listen about.

Tho they might be shy or deny at the beginning but from inside they love to listen all such things.

Talk about how you feel 

When talking with your crush and when you know it’s been a long day enough that you are getting good friends with each other.

It is the right time to make other person realize that how you feel about them and how you feel when the other person is not around.

Sometimes, explaining things in a real scenario and without being cheesy

All things will really count and could take a turn of love amongst both of you.

Whenever you are trying to explain your feelings, try to keep it on a general approach on first

Meaning, don’t try to connect your things directly to your crush.

Present your talks in a series manner where it leaves for the person to connect the dots.

And later on when you know the other person knows exactly what you are talking about you can go in personal.

This might sound to be a slight flirty one but could end up in a romantic way.

Talk about how do keeps an eye 

This one can really be very flirty one. And by saying this it would probably can increase your crush heartbeat.

Whenever you are confessing that you constantly keeps an eye or intentionally you do stock your crush and all these things really makes you happy.

It can make your crush to go ‘Aww’

When you are texting such messages then for sure it will put a shy smile on your crush.

And this talks will start a new beginning of your love story.

Because confessing such things really makes the other person feel that they are been valued, loved and cared by someone.

This things are really connectible for any human.

Final Words

That’s it from the post and I hope you have got decent idea on how to flirt and some good flirty questions to ask your crush. So go for it and start your new conversation and get all things in a right way and I’m sure something good will take in place if you do it with right intentions and meanings.

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