90 Friendship Status And Quotes For Your Best Friend

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Friends are those who always there for you in your bad times. This friendship status and quotes will help you to realize the importance of friendship.

“Friends are always there for you in your bad times and help you in any situation”

It is not easy to find good friends but it is not impossible because life is a long journey where you will find true friends.

Be happy because you have some true friends because you have blessed by God with some awesome gift.

Best Friendship Status And Quotes

This friendship status and quotes will make you smile after reading these because you will understand that you have some awesome friends.

friendship status

“In friendship, you will understand each other without speaking”

“If I make the wrong decision in my life I know my friend is there to make it right”

“Friends are always there to make you smile even in bad times”

“In the worst situation of life there is only true one remains with you”

“If you find true friends in your life don’t ever lose them”

friendship status

“Enjoy the life with a friendship that you have”

“You always share your pain with your friends because you know they will heal your pain”

“Friends are always there to help you even if you forget them”

“Friends are like light in the darkness the light will clear the darkness and make sure you reach your goal”

“The most decision in your life is made by your friends”

friendship status

“We survive the bad times together now we enjoy the good times together”

“If you have good friends they will always give you the right advice and make you walk on the right path”

“The success of friendship depends on the trust”

“Friends are those who can make you smile even if you are crying”

“True friends are those who have all the solution to your problem”

“In friendship, you always help each other without expecting anything in return that is true friendship”

“Best friends never forget each other because they have some good memories in their heart”

friendship status

“Friends will always stand with you even if the whole world is against you”

“It dosesn’t matter how many friends you have, it matters how many friends are there to help you in your bad times”

“In life, friends are always there to support you even if you lose”

“Friends believes in each other decision”

“Friends always prove themselves by their action, not by word”

“Surround yourself with good friends and you will see a change in yourself “

“In life, you will find real and good friends then your adventure begins”

“I don’t want a perfect friend I just want an honest and good friend”

friendship status

“In life some friends became family”

“The best gift you have in your life is honest and good friend”

“A best friend knows all your secret”

“True friend came in your life and make your life beautiful”

“A friend is like a book who will always solve your problem”

“A real friend is like a map who will guide you in the right direction”

“I made many mistakes in life but I never regret that day when I choose you as my friend”

friendship status

“Don’t lose true friends because ones you lose them you regret your entire life”

“I once met a stranger now we are best friends”

“Best friend always hear you and understand you when your silent”

“I have store the memories in my heart the stupid things that we did together”

“Your best friend is your safest locker where all your secrets are kept”

“Sometimes I feel if I have never met you, I had never understood how precious you are my friend”

“Some people come in life and walk by but true ones walk together”

friendship status

“The best happiness in life is friendship”

“I feel happy and lucky that I met you without you I was hopeless my friend”

“Friend will always support you, trust you, encourage you and respect you”

“Best friends always leaves a footprint in your heart”

friendship status

“I have some amazing and unique friends without them my life is meaningless”

“True friend always boost confidence and remove fear from the heart”

“I have never imagined that my best friend will bring these much happiness to my life”

“Best friends will stick to your life like glue and never leaves you behind no matter how worst the situation is”

“True friends will come to your life pick you up and stay with you until you reach your destination”

“I was searching for happiness but I find some stupid friends now my life is filled with happiness”

“I have never imagined it was you with whom I made so many memories in my life, my best friend”

friendship status

“The days you spent with your best friend is hard to forget”

“When you meet your friend after a long time you will see people never change”

“Sharing past memories with your best friends will bring a smile to face and your heart is filled with happiness”

“If you have good friends they will deal with all the troubles you have”

“Best memory of my life is with my best friends were we did all the amazing stuff together”

“True friends will come in your life and take away all your problems”

“True friends don’t ask about your past, they accept you who you are now”

“Best friend will uplift your spirit and give you confidence that you can do it”

“Fake friends are there to use you but true friends are there to help you”

friendship status

“We are different but we are best friends”

“The person that doesn’t judge me is my best friend”

“I find myself very lucky that I found you without you I have never enjoyed so many adventures”

“Good friends are rare to find in this fake world”

“We started conversations with hi now you are my friend with whom I did so many crazy things”

“In friendship, you never say thank you because it is your duty to help each other”

“A day spent with friends is always filled with happiness”

friendship status

“I love to do crazy things but with my friends”

“Without friends, life will be hell but with friends life will be beautiful and joyful”

“True friends don’t judge you they accept you and support you”

“A best friend always stays close to heart because they are precious”

“When I lose confidence they are the one who cheers me and gives me energy”

“A long talk with friends will always make you happy”

“The Best friends know when you are lying and when you are saying the truth”

“People go to detective to solve their problems but I go to my best friend to solve my problem”

friendship status

“In every bad situation, you are there with me my best friend”

“The best thing about friends is when you are with them you forget the pain you have”

“One of the best teacher in my life is my best friend who taught me many things”

“Bad situations can be turned into a good one when you are with me, my friend”

“I feel comfortable around my friends because they don’t judge me”

“With friends we have fun but later we realize that we created memories”

“Surround yourself with a group of people who are filled with positivity, it will change your life”

“Fake friends will always judge you and pull you down but true friends will always pull you up”

“Good time, good coffee and a long talk with friends always create the best memories”

“Friendship always brings happiness because in friendship you will never feel pain”

“The best medicine in life is friendship which heals your wounds”

“Best friends always try hard to bring out the best of you”

“I smile today because you have given me so many wonderful memories”

friendship status

“If life is stressful the friends will make it peaceful”

“We created so many memories together without realizing it”

“Life is hopeless, meaningless and worthless without friends”

I hope you enjoy this 90 friendship status and quotes. You can feel free to share this friendship status and quotes with your loved ones.

Let me know in the comment section which of the 90 friendship status and quotes you like the most.

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