50 Good And Funny Quotes On Friendship

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Looking for funny friendship quotes then you are at the right place.

There are many beautiful moments in friendship but the best part of friendship is how much fun you have together.

When you remember the time that you spend with your friends and laugh that is the best feeling because you know you have done some crazy stuff together.

Here I have shared some funny and good friendship quotes that will remind you of your old-time and also make you laugh.

Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Friendship Quotes

“We will be a best friend forever because you know too much about me”


“Friends become family, they care about you, they love to do crazy things and they always support you”


“Friends will know what crazy things you gonna do next, no matter how crazy it is they will support you”


“I was a normal and innocent person then he shows up and changed my life completely”


Funny Friendship Quotes

“My parents think my friend is a good and honest child but I know how crazy and stupid he is” 


“In friendship, you make fun of each other and that’s the true friendship” 


“Friends will always make you smile even if you are feeling down in life”


“I can’t live without friends because without friendship life will be boring”


“If you are not making fun of each other then you are not best friends you are just friends” 


“I’m glad that you are in my life because I feel I’m lucky that you’re my best friend” 


Funny Friendship Quotes

“Friends will know what you are thinking before you tell them and that makes them special”


“The time you spend with your friends is the best time you ever had so enjoy that time and have fun with your friends”


“I just met this person one day now we are best friends and we do crazy stuff together”  


“If you have a friend who is crazy as you and always support you don’t ever lose them”


“In friendship, you always laugh at each other but always there for each other when time is worst”


Good And Funny Friendship Quotes

“We became best friends because we love to do crazy and stupid things”


“Friends are like family, support you in your worst, make you smile and always making fun of each other”


“Best friends come to your house without asking you, they don’t care if you are home is clean or not, ask for wifi and eat all your foods”


“In friendship, you never say thank you because you know if your friend is in trouble you will always help them and they will do the same thing”


Funny Friendship Quotes

“When we are together we are the best entertainer in the world”


“Normal people can’t understand the conversation between two best friends”


“I was living a normal life but when I met him he changes my normal and boring life into fun and adventure life” 


“When you remember the time you spent with your friends and a smile comes to your face that is friendship” 


“I found him and he found me and our amazing and crazy journey begins”


“In friendship, you do crazy things but when you get caught you say, we don’t know who did this” 



Short And Funny Friendship Quotes

“Best friendship is when you say to your friend did we just overdid it”


“We met after such a long time but we never changed we started making fun of each other that is true friendship”


“In friendship, you don’t judge each other you just have fun with each other”


“We are best friends because we have so many things common and we both are stupid and funny” 


“It is too dangerous to let go of a best friend because he will reveal all of my secrets”


“You became friends with me now you are stuck with me for a lifetime”


“We both are stupid that’s why we are stuck together and make other people mad and crazy”


“You will never find a friend like me because you know I’m the only one that can handle you”


“Whenever you are in big trouble and when you ask help to your best friend he will first laugh at you and ask you how you get there”


Funny Quotes On Friendship

“Whenever you get out of big trouble with your best friend he will say, damn that was fun”


“A best friend is like a mind reader he will always read your mind and will tell you what stupid ideas are you planning” 


“My all secrets are kept in a safe locker and no one can break it because that safe locker is my best friend” 


“Friendship is amazing you just met a strange person and you became friends and the next day you both are doing some crazy stuff together”


“We will always be friends no matter how old we get but then also we will be thinking of some crazy stuff that will make other people mad”


“Without my friends, I can’t imagine living life because there will be no fun in life without them”  


“If you have a friend who is caring, supportive and stupid then don’t lose them because in this big world there are very few of them and you are lucky that you have one”


Funny Friendship Quotes

“When you need help you call the police but when I need help I call for my best friend” 


“Admit it you don’t wanna lose me because you will never find anyone like me”


“If you did not find me in my house I will be taking a nap at my best friend’s house because that’s where I spend most of the time”


“I have very few loyal and crazy friends that’s why when we are together we look like a gang and no one dares to make fun of us when we are together”


“If you lost in the jungle with your best friend and come out laughing after surviving 10 days then that is true friendship because I know when we are together no one can beat us”


“When you share your horrible ideas to you are friends they will be like this will be fun let’s do this”


Funny Quotes On Friendship

“Funny part of friendship is when you go to your best friend’s home, eat his food and take a nap there”


“When I need a solution to the problem I go to my best friend because I feel that he is the best detective in the world who will solve my case in no time”


“If normal people heard the conversation between two best friends they will think these two are crazy and ask them to go to the doctor”   

I hope you enjoy this good and funny friendship quotes if you like it then feel free to share these funny friendship quotes with your BFF.

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