55 Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

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It is the beautiful night time and you probably looking to make this night more romantic and more loveable with your girl.

Today, in this world almost everyone loves to talk to their loved ones at night time and especially for the young generations on the phone.

I’m sharing this beautiful goodnight text for her and I promise when you send these messages you will increase your love with her.

So, don’t look for anything else. Just sit back and relax. Grab your phone and start typing this love good night messages for her.
Are you ready to type in and start a lovely conversation with your girl? So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Good night messages for her

Want to live that beautiful moment with you by looking at a shooting star and holding your hand

Wonderful goodnight text

I spent the entire day without you but this night is specially made for us.


Whenever I talked to you at night, you made me feel like that I’m made for you.

It is was really a hectic working day but this small moment of the night talking to you released all my pain.

My night is not good if it is not ended with you

goodnight text for her

Talking to you at night is the best thing that I can do and that’s the most loveable part for me

As soon as I see the moon at night, I know this moment will turn so romantic with you

I don’t know about my office work but this habit of talking to you at late night will make me stress-free

Told you to be online at 9:00 PM and you were at 8:50 PM waiting for me if you care this much for me then I’m blessed

I always wanted to have you by my side at night, holding you tight and sleeping comfortably.

This so soft cushion in my bed made me realize to always think of you and it is as soft as your body

goodnight messages for her


I want to sleep with you because keeping my head onto your chest makes me feel that we are one body.

I always like to hear the stories and wants to recall all the love we make together at night

Baby its too late now but my heart is not letting me turn off my mobile and my love is telling me to take care of you. So have sweet dreams, Goodnight!

Whenever my mobile phone rings by your message my heartbeat go up and my love always become double for you


I don’t have time read my books for my studies but I’m always free to chat with you and especially at night I’m on overtime

Baby, I always think that if I could have you next to me in my bed and we can make love and spend a beautiful moment of our life

good night to my love

There is no one who believes me and there is no one who knows my reason for loneliness it’s just you who understand my pain

The only thing for which I wait for long in the next morning is the beautiful night and the time that I can spend with you

I love the night because it is so silent and I can talk to you peacefully and can love you more

Baby I don’t want to sleep but I have to take care of yours so you sleep and I love you so much. Goodnight sweetheart!

You are so beautiful and I don’t have you but I wanna see you in dreams. I’m sleeping. Goodnight darling!

Now I’m in my bed, I wish I could be in your laps and sleeping.

I don’t need bedtime stories but I want you to talk because that is more loveable

Baby, I can’t sleep without hugging you tightly and I feel so lonely without you

We used to spent hours and hours standing next to the wall kissing each other and then I used to lift you in my arms and make you sleep like a baby.

sweet dreams text for her

I always wish that you could put your hands in my hair and make me sleep by your side

Goodnight and please take care of yours and mine too. I love you so much

Cute Good night Text For Her

There is no night without you and there is no one else who cares for me like the way you do. Thanks to be in my life. Goodnight darling!

Goodnight darling messages

I soon want to marry you because I want to tell my kids about their wonderful mother and how she changed my life. Stay blessed baby, Goodnight!

You took so much care of me that I can’t forget you in my entire life. You are an angel to me When I was happy you were with me, when I was sad and alone everyone left but you stood there with me and I don’t wanna lose you. Just promise me to be with me every time.

Long Goodnight baby text

I always send you to kiss emoticons but I wish I could be with you and kissed you in real


When the sun goes down the first that comes to mind is that it will be soon night time and will be talking about love and that makes me so happy

I wish I could be with you every night and make you awake till late by loving you

The only thing I missed in the night is your cute face and the way you used to hug me and sleep in my arms like a baby

Whenever my phone rings up with your name it does not says Baby is calling you it says- Baby is missing you

I miss you every night and I can’t wait to be with you sleeping next to you. Goodnight baby!

Every night you send me a pic of yours and that smile on your face makes me so happy and relax. Thank you to be in my life. Have a sweet dream, Good night darling!

Wonderful Good night texts

It is so beautiful to look at the moon and at you at the same time. Two beauties at one point.

The night cannot be beautiful without talking to you and I want to make every second beautiful that’s why I talk to you so long.

Listening to your voice at night allows my mind to get good thoughts and a beautiful dream while I’m sleeping. Thank you for talking to me. Goodnight baby!

I miss you so much and I want to kiss you before going to sleep

I love the smell of your body and this makes me get more closer to you every time we met.

Hope you meet me soon. Take care darling. Good night baby!

When my family used to sleep at night, I used to go to another room just to talk with you and make some love on the phone. I love you so much. Goodnight baby!

I liked the way when you used to behave like a small cute little girl and hug me like a baby at night before going to sleep. Waiting for you to come back. Take care baby…. Goodnight baby!

Romantic Good night messages for her

I know you like it whenever I used to remove your clothes and touch your body and loved you. I missed all those nights. Please come to me will make that moment again baby

G'night messages for her

Whenever I go to sleep just before that I just recall every moment of our love that we made with each other

I like to see your pic at night time especially and I feel like to make you sleep over me.
Goodnight darling!

I like to see in shorts at night because that makes me more romantic and I feel like to love you more

Baby if you were with me now at night then I would grab your curves and bring you closer to me and our everybody part would be touching each other

This night cannot be romantic if I don’t have you next to me. Don’t you miss my touch baby.


I still remember when I used to love you and you turn on and you breathe so calmly. I just wanted to create that moment again with you at night. Baby come will make love and will make you sleep like a baby

good night paragraphs for her

Always wondering and also liked the way you first used to nod your head to no and then to yes when I used to love you.

Baby, it’s night time and with that, I always missed you so much because I want to keep my head to your chest and want to sleep….. Goodnight baby!

When you will sleep next to me I will love you every night that you won’t leave me again.
Goodnight my cute girl!

I liked to kiss you from your head to cheeks and then finally to your lips at night the love gets doubled…. Missing all those days. Goodnight darling

During winters when you used to feel cold I used to hug you tight and you get a better warm feeling. This night made me realize of you more. Have a sweet dream, my sweetheart. Good night darling

I wish I always sleep next you and you slowly bite my ears in love and give me wonderful feeling of life. I’m always waiting for you baby. Goodnight baby!

Its been too long we haven’t met but I promise whenever we will meet I’ll show you how much I really love you. I can’t wait to see you. Have a sweet dream darling! Will be meeting soon. Goodnight baby!

As you text me and start talking the way I like it makes me feel so relax and it seems that you are with me in my bed and sleeping on my chest.

Whenever you are busy I always listen to your old voice messages because I love to hear your voice everytime.

That’s it from the wonderful and beautiful collection of good night messages for her.

Now, I know you will be never lacking of such sweet good night text that you can send to your girl.

These messages was written from the bottom the heart and it is my own experienence with my girl and I just shared the way I used to talked to her and tryna impress her every single night.

Trust me, girls need some respect and love and rest all other things are complimentary for them.

Make a good time at night with your girl and let her know how much you love her. There are times when you fight, you play and you care for each other.

There is only one life and make this life beautiful with your girl and loved ones.

I know some of you may not have their girlfriend or your love next to you at night and you want to something that can make you feel better. That’s the reason I have got you those beautiful good night messages for her.

Hope you liked it and you will use those good night text to impress your girl and make her feel special.

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