53 Beautiful Happy New Year Quotes And Wishes

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Looking for happy new year quotes and wishes then you are at the right place.

Welcome the new year with open arms and say goodbye to your previous year with a smile.

The new year brings joy and happiness in our lives, celebrate the new year with your loved ones.

Here I have shared a list of happy new quotes and wishes these words will help you to wish a happy new year to your friends and family.

Happy New Year Quotes

“Happy new year and I wish you a great success ahead, start your amazing journey with a smile”


Happy new year quotes

“I hope the next year will bring more happiness to your life, wish you good luck and happy new year”


“I hope you will find what you are looking for in life this year, happy new year”


“This is the start of a new journey I wish you good luck, happy new year”


“I hope this year will be the best year of my life”


“I wish that you will reach your destination this year, walk the path that you believe”


“Keep smiling and I wish this year you will have more fun, happy new year”


“Create more amazing and memorable memories in life and treasure the beautiful memories that you have, happy new year”


“Free yourself from past memories and move forward in life, I wish you good luck and happy new year”


“I hope you will find your path in life, may the light of happiness clear the darkness in life, happy new year” 


“It’s the new year it means you will get lots of new opportunities this year, so spread your arms and welcome this opportunity” 


“Happy new year, may the coming year bring you more success and joy” 

Happy new year quotes

“Now it’s time to move forward, let go of the past, let’s start a new journey in life with positivity” 


“Happy new year and I hope all your dreams come true, believe in yourself” 


“Happy new year and I hope you will have a great and bright future”


“Say goodbye to the previous year and welcome this new year, happy new year” 


“Welcome this new year with open arms, forget the mistakes that you made in the past, see the opportunities that are coming and live a beautiful life” 

Inspirational New Year Quotes

“You will get 365 days so make every day count and make the most out of it”

Inspirational new year quotes

“Previous year was good but this year will be great so look ahead and make the most out of it” 


“To start a new and fresh journey in life you have to end the previous story in life”


“New year means you get a chance to move in the right direction, so change your direction and make this year your best, happy new year”


“Happy new year, this year you have a chance to spend more time with people you love so create some amazing memories with them” 


“Don’t let your past take control of your future, this new year let go of the painful memories and welcome the new opportunities and happiness”


“Make a promise that this year you will become the best version of yourself that everyone will be proud of, happy new year”

Inspirational quotes on new year

“You got whole year so don’t make an excuse work on your dreams and make this year yours” 


“This new year you have a chance to change yourself, it is not too late to start again, happy new year”


“Free yourself from the chains that are holding you back, this new year spread your wings and fly towards your dream, happy new year”


“The previous year taught me a lot of lessons now I’m ready for the new challenges” 


“You have the power to change the future so focus on the present and make your future brighter, happy new year” 


“This new year spend more time with people who bring positivity and happiness and spend less time with people who bring negativity”


“Everything is in your hand, what you decide to do will decide your future so believe in yourself and make this year yours”

New Year Wishes For Friends

Happy new year wishes for friends

“The year has come to an end but our friendship become stronger and this year we will create some amazing memories, happy new year”


“Happy new year my friend, thank you for staying by my side and I wish you always stay happy” 


“Happy new year and thank you for bringing so much happiness in my life, I’m grateful that you are my friend”


“You are always there for me, supporting me and making me feel better, thank you for doing that and I hope you always stay happy and smiling, happy new year”


“Happy new year friend and thanks for making my year so beautiful this new year let’s have some good time together”  


“Every year we had such a great time together I’m so excited to see what will happen next year, happy new year friend”


“Happy new year friend and I wish that all your dreams come true and may your life is filled with happiness” 


“I wish you good luck with your journey and I hope the path that you choose in your life is filled with happiness, happy new year”


“Last year we created some great memories and I’m excited to create some special memories with you again this year, happy new year”

Happy new year wishes to friends

“I will never forget the moments that I created with you last year, let’s make this year the best together, happy new year” 


“Thank you for showing me the right path in life without you I might have lost, happy new year friend”


“You’re the light that clear my darkness thank you for showing me the light in life my friend, happy new year”


“Happy new year dear friend, move forward with courage and take a path in life that you believe and my best wishes are with you”

New Year Wishes For Family

“I’m lucky to have such a great family, thank you for supporting me when I’m feeling down in life, happy new year”


“I can’t imagine living without my family thanks for making my life so beautiful and I hope you all stay smiling, happy new year”


“Life becomes so beautiful because you all are part of my life and I wish that all of you stay happy in life, happy new year”

Happy new year wishes for family

“I feel blessed, I born in such a sweet and beautiful family thanks for looking after me, happy new year to all of you”


“I will treasure the moments that I created with all of you, let’s create some beautiful memories again this year, happy new year”


“Thanks for making me such a great person, without the support of all of you I had never able to become such a great person, happy new year” 


“Thanks for making my childhood so beautiful and wonderful I had such a great time, happy new year to my dear family”


“Another year has come to an end and I’m grateful that I have such a lovely family, thanks for lifting up my spirit when I was not feeling good in life, happy new year”


“You all are special to me and I wish that you all keep smiling together and keep sharing your love with each other, happy new year”

Final Words 

Spread happiness and keep smiling this new year, spend more time with people you love.

Cherish the moment that you have created with them and create some beautiful memories this year.

I hope you like this happy new quotes and wishes!

If you like it then feel free to share these beautiful happy year quotes with your family and friends.

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