116 Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends When Bored

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Sometimes we don’t know how to start a conversation or how to continue a conversation after some chat.

Here I have shared a list of juicy questions that will help you in your conversation.

If you are planning to play question games with your friends then this collection of juicy questions you might like. Ask tricky questions to your friends and enjoy the game.

So I hope you find some questions in the list that you want.

Juicy Questions To Get To Know Someone


If you want to know someone better or want to have a good conversation with them then these juicy questions are for you.

What is the most amazing thing you did in your life that you are most proud of?

Who is your role model?

Have you ever travelled to different countries? If you have, can you tell me which is the most fun place?

How many people have you dated before?

Have you ever gone late to work? If you have, how did you manage your boss?

What is the most stupid advice you have ever received?

Has your car ever stopped in the middle of the road where nothing is available nearby?

Have you ever pranked your siblings? If you have, what is the most amazing prank you have done?

Have you ever witnessed a supernatural occurrence? If you have then what is your first reaction?

What do you fear most in life? Have you overcome it? If you have, can I know how you accomplish it?

When was the last time you called yourself stupid in life?

Have you ever slept in a movie theatre while watching a movie?

Have you ever slept on the bus and missed your stop and woke up in the wrong place?

What is the weirdest thing you heard in your life that you still can’t forget?

What is the most bizarre experience you have experienced that you still can’t forget?

Have you ever met a fortune-teller? If you have, what did he tell you?

What is the most annoying experience you have experienced that still gets you annoyed when you think about it?

Do you have regrets in life? If you have, can you tell me which one is the biggest regret?

Have you ever laughed at someone’s face when you caught them doing something funny?

Have you ever met someone famous in your life? If you have, what was your first reaction when seeing them?

Questions To Ask Friends When Bored

Juicy questions

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public? If you have what you did?

Would you rather lie to your friends or lie to your girlfriend?

If you have been given a chance to rename your name, what name will you choose for yourself?

What one thing you don’t want your girlfriend to know?

Did you confess your love to your crush? If you have, how did it go?

Have you ever caught your friends doing something embarrassing?

Have you ever annoyed someone so much that they get angry at you?

What is the dumbest question you asked your parents? And what is their reaction after hearing your question?

Have you ever gone to the airport and forgotten your passport at home?

Have you ever played a truth and dare game with your parents? If you have, who is the winner of the game?

Would you rather do bungee jumping or skydiving?

Have you ever farted in public? If you have, what was the first reaction of others?

Have you ever thrown up on somebody?

What is the worst memory in your life that you wish that you could erase?

Have you ever cheated on an exam in school and still failed?

Will you marry someone for money or will you only marry someone if you love her?

Have you ever purchased something stupid and regretted that you wasted your money?

What is the most hilarious moment that you still can’t forget and whenever you remember it still makes you laugh?

Have you ever laughed aloud in the classroom when everyone is listening to a lecture?

Did you ever make fun of your teacher? If you have, how do you escape the punishment?

When you are angry is there someone who can make your anger vanish? Who is it?

What is the most precious gift you ever received? Who is the person that gifted you?

If you become a millionaire what is the first thing you want to do?

Do you write a journal? If you have, which person will you allow to read your journal?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever experienced it and if you have, did you confess to that person?

Would you rather eat home-cooked food or fast food?

Have you ever gone to the police station? If you have, what trouble did you cause?

Did you ever make a scene when you were drunk? If you have, what is the first reaction after you wake up?

Do you prefer to stay alone or do you like the company of people around you?

Did you ever embarrass yourself in front of your crush? If you have, can you share the story with me?

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Crush


Do you believe in astrology? If you do, can you tell me what you like the most about it?

Do you believe in fate or are you a practical person who only believes in yourself?

Do you like movies? Which one is your favourite and if you get a chance which actor do you want to meet most?

What do you want from a person, if you are looking to get married?

Did you ever get so drunk that you don’t remember what happened yesterday when you woke up the next day?

Do you have an aim in life or are you going with the flow?

Do you treasure your weekend? if you do what you like to do on your weekends?

Would you rather go Mountain climbing or scuba diving?

If you get the ability to draw anything for one day what would you like to draw?

Do you enjoy spending your money on luxurious things or do you like to save money?

Which is the one food that you will never get bored eating even if you eat all day?

On the mobile phone, which mobile app do you like the most and can’t live without?

Do you like travelling? If you do, do you like any country where you want to live or do you like your hometown?

If you get a chance to eat the world’s tastiest chocolate or Ice Cream, which one will you choose?

Do you like to cook? If you do, can you share some of your tasty cooked food with me?

How were your school days? Do you have some interesting experiences to share?

If you have to choose one, which one would you choose singing or dancing?

Do you like shopping or do you like to spend your time at home?

Do you have a bucket list? If you have, which is the most important thing on the list you want to do?

Have you overcome your fears? If you have, can you share your experience with me?

Have you ever gotten so angry that you lost control of yourself?

Did your teacher ever scold you for something you never did?

If you get the ability to become invisible what first thing you will do?

Do you like teaching? If you do, has anyone ever not listened to you? How did you manage that situation?

Did you ever get bullied in life? If you do, how did you handle that situation? Did you teach them a lesson or not?

If you get to choose any superpower which one would you choose and what will you do with it?

Do you hate someone so much that you don’t want to see them and if you see them you can’t control your anger?

Do you like to hang out with your friends or do you prefer to enjoy your time alone without disturbance?

Have you ever lost a bet to someone? If you do, can you share that story with me?

Would you rather see the ocean or go to the top of the mountains?

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend – (Juicy List)

Do you remember the first time we met? What was your impression of me at that time?

Did you ever get jealous when I talked to other ladies?

What do you think of me? cute or handsome?

Have you missed me when I was away in different countries for a meeting?

How many times have you dated before meeting me?

Do you get annoyed when I tease you or do you like it?

Do you still hug me if I come home sweating or do you push me away saying go take a bath first?

What one thing do you hate about me and want me to change that thing?

Do you like to take a walk with me?

How do you like my beard or do you hate it?

Do you like my cooking or do you hate it so much that you will eat outside food more than my cooked food?

What was the best thing you like about me and what were the things you don’t like about me?

If you get a chance to go anywhere in the world with me, which place do you want to go to?

Would you rather give up alcohol for a year or chocolate?

Do you like to go shopping with me or with your friends?

Did I ever annoy you so much that you get irritated?

Do you like the previous date plan that I made or did you not like it?

Do you like reading? If you like it, which one piece of advice will you give me?

Out of so many gifts that I have given you, which gift do you like the most and why?

Do you still remember the day when I confessed to you? Do you like the way I confess or not? If you want me to redo what should I change?

Fun & Interesting Questions To Ask 

Would you rather get married or stay single forever?

If you get a chance to go on a date with a celebrity, which celebrity would you choose?

What if a guy offers you 1 billion and says I love you and marry me will you marry that person?

If you can change one habit, which habit do you want to change?

Do you like anyone from your workplace? If you do, have you confessed to that person?

Have you ever pranked strangers in public? If you did, how did you avoid the trouble?

Have you ever done something stupid with four friends that you still regret and will forever regret? Can you share what you did?

What is the most important advice I have given you that helps you in life? Can you share that experience with me?

If you get a chance to buy anything in the world for free, which item will you get and why?

If you get a chance to go back in time will you still choose me?

Do you believe in inner beauty or do you judge people based on appearance?

Have you ever gotten scared so much that you cry on the spot?

Would you rather go on a date with me or will you spend time with me at home?

Can you tell me one thing about yourself that you never told me before?

If you get a chance to go into fantasy stories, which one would you choose and what character would you choose to become?

Do you get angry when I touch your mobile phone without your permission or you don’t mind?

Final Words

That’s it from these detailed list of juicy questions and with these I’m sure you will be in a state where you can have some good and creepy moments with your friends.

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