65 Beautiful Long Distance Relationship Quotes

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Looking for cute and inspiring long distance relationship quotes then you are at the right place.

Long distance relationship is hard but many people have proven that a long distance relationship can work.

To maintain a long distance relationship you need the support of both people in the relationship you can’t do it alone. Here I have shared 65 best long distance relationship quotes that will help you to stay positive.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Long distance relationship quotes

“It makes me sad that you are not here but whenever I want to see you I just close my eyes”


“No matter how far you are I just want to hear your beautiful voice “


” It doesn’t matter if you are not here but you will always remain in my heart”


Long distance relationship quotes

“Your absence made me realize how much you meant to me”


“It is a long-distance between you and me but I made a promise to you that I will always remain by your side”


“The more I think of you the more I miss you it is the best feeling in the world”


“It is painful that you are not here by my side but my love for you is growing every day”


” Relationship grows stronger when you overcome every challenge in life together”


Deep long distance relationship quotes

“In life, if two people truly love each other no matter how far they are they will be together one day”


“I can’t wait to see you again in my dreams”


“I wish that we can hold the hand together”


“The distance between you and me is not enough to separate us because of the love we share”


“Whenever you call me my heartbeat goes up”


“When I think about you the smile comes to my face and it is the best feeling”


Long distance relationship quotes

“I wish I can hold you again in my arms and tell you how painful it is to live without you”


“True love is having a long-distance relationship and not giving up because you know you can’t live without each other”


“Happiness is when two people who love each other meet after such a long time”


“Whenever I wake up I think about you because no matter how much is the distance between you and me my love for you will never change”


“It is the worst thing in life to live apart from people whom you love so much”


“The long-distance relationship depends on one thing that is trust”


Long distance relationship quotes

“I was in your arms but later I realized that it was a dream that I saw”


“The time I spent with you I thought it was a dream but you said your dream become reality”


“It is hard and painful to live away from you but I can wait because I know I will see you again one day”


“We are not together but our hearts are connected”


“I wish I could see you one more time that’s all I wanted”


Best long distance relationship quotes

“I just want you to be at my side because without you I can’t imagine, to live”


“True love shines when you’re willing to sacrifice everything for your love”


“I know it has been a long time since we saw each other but my love for you never changes”


“Happiness is when you can’t sleep at night because in your mind your thinking of her”


“I want to hug you again so I can feel the warmth of your hands”


“The distance between us is just a test of our relationship”


“We are not together but our souls are connected with each other”


“My destiny is you no matter how far you are I will reach my destiny”


“Long-distance relationship teaches you a lot of things in life”


“I love a beautiful angel but now she is a far away”


“When I hear your voice at night I just forget about everything”


“One day there will be no distance between you and me”


Best long distance relationship quotes

“No matter where I go I will always be yours”


“I wonder if you saw the same dream what I saw last night”


“Distance between us doesn’t matter what matters is the love we share”


“I wait so much to see you, it is worth to wait one more night”


“I can’t wait to talk to you because I have so many beautiful stories to share with you”


“Without thinking of you I can’t sleep because you are a special person in my life and I can’t imagine to lose you “


“Distance is just a bridge, one day I will cross it over for you until then just wait for me”


Long distance relationship quotes

“In my heart, you have a special place that no one can take”


“Last night I saw the moon and it reminds me of you”


“My eyes are always searching for you but I know you are not here it is painful to not have you by my side”


“Last night we share so many stories and it is the best memories that I created with you”


“I cried when you left but you are not far away I will reach to you and we will meet again soon”


“I saw her after such a long time and we cried together”


“You make me smile every day even if you are not here”


“Our love is not so so weak that it can be broken by a small distance”


“Distance doesn’t bother me because I know you are the person with whom I will spend the rest of my life”


“My mind says she is not here but my heart says she is right beside you”


“My eyes want to see you, my hands want to hold you but I have to wait for that moment”


“If I want you I have to endure this pain”


“The day will come when we meet and the pain we endure will be gone in a single moment”


“It is hard to live without you but it is not possible to live without thinking about you”


Cute long distance relationship quotes

“How lucky is I’m I have someone in my life whose absence made me cry and whose presence made me happy”


“Anyone can say I love you but true love is that when someone loves you even if you are not with them”


“Long-distance relationship is a test of trust, love and loyalty”


“Keep trying but she is mine and I have faith in her”


“My heart and my soul is all yours it only belongs to you”


“If you can do anything for her then this test of distance is just a small task for you”


“That feeling you get when you’re seeing her after such a long time”

I hope you enjoy the long distance relationship quotes. These quotes will give you strength and I hope that you will meet her soon.

Feel free to share these beautiful long distance relationship quotes with your loved ones.

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