101 Cute Love Quotes For Her From Bottom Of The Heart

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Want to say how much you love her? this collection of romantic love quotes for her will help you to express your love to her.

You don’t know when you fall in love with her, you just want that she always stay happy and smiling forever.

“Love has the power to turn a monster into a kind human”

I don’t fall in love with her with his face but I fall in love with her with his beautiful heart and kindness.

Beautiful Love Quotes For Her

This beautiful collection of love quotes for her will make your heart happy and help you to express your feeling to her.

Love Quotes For Her

“Without you, I was like an empty body without any soul”

When you entered my life as my love I just can’t wait to see my beautiful life with you

“When you’re not with me it feels like someone has taken my soul away”

“I love you with my heart and I will stay with you till I die”

“You complete me without you I’m incomplete”

“I find myself lucky that I met you if you never had come into my life I have never understand the meaning of love”

“You came in my life and walk with me and teach me how to live a life”

Love Quotes For Her

“With you, it feels like every day is filled with happiness”

“When you are talking I just want to listen to you because your voice is my favorite sound”

“I can’t see you cry and I will try every day to make you happy”

“I just want to hold your hand and live a beautiful life with you”

“You came in my dreams every day and make my dream more beautiful”

“It is love to see you happy because when you cry it hurts me”

“I’m happy that you met me and I fall in love with you in this big world”

“I’m not perfect but I will always stay by your side in your bad times”

“Life has become more beautiful from the day you enter in my life”

“I care about you so much even if it means to fight against the whole world”

“Ture meaning of love I understand when you came in my life”

“When I’m with you I forget every problem that I have”

Romantic Love Quotes For Her

Love Quotes For Her

“It is really a miracle that in this big world I found you”

“I can’t really express my feeling to you because there are not enough words to describe my love to you”

“You are really an amazing person in my eyes”

“You have taken over my mind and heart”

“It is you who make me stronger to fight against the tough situation”

“When I miss you I just close my eyes to see you that’s all”

“You will always stay in my heart because it is the best place for the queen of my life”

“When I saw you the first time my heart says she is the one that you are looking for”

Love Quotes For Her

“I will never forget the memories that I created with you”

“In my eyes, you are cute, perfect and beautiful”

“It is the best feeling in the world when I think about you”

“You are the reason that I’m breathing today”

“From the day I met you I have decided that you are the one with I live my life”

“When I saw you my smile comes to my face”

“The best feeling is when I hug you and share my love with you”

“It’s felt so good when I heard you saying that you love me”

“I feel you are my oxygen that keep me alive”

“I just want to love you and hold you in my arms as long I live”

“When I’m with you I look perfect but without you I’m Imperfect”

Love Quotes For Her

“You are the queen that rules over my heart”

“When you feel alone in life I will always there for you”

Love Quotes For Her

“You stole my heart with the simplicity”

 “You are with me and I’m with you that’s the life I wanted”

“You’re the light of my life which clear darkness in my life”

Deep Loves Quotes To Express Your Feeling To Her

“I can’t promise to be perfect but I can promise that whenever you’re in the problem I will always there for you”

Love Quotes For Her

“You are not an option in my life you’re the reason I’m living today”

“I love chocolates but I love you more than chocolates”

“Your simplicity attracts me and when you smile my heart just want to watch you again and again”

“I’m addicted to you without you I feel like I’m dying”

“It feels so good to wake up every morning with you”

Love Quotes For Her

“It is impossible to imagine me without you”

“I don’t know how but I found you now you are not alone because I’m with you”

“I just want to see you and want to tell you that this hand will always hold your hand”

“My dream was to find an angel but now that angel became my life”

“Every moment that I spend with you is precious”

Love Quotes For Her

“Can you became my partner in my long journey”

“I don’t know but your eyes are so beautiful I just keep looking into it”

“I bet that how I feel about you is the same you feel about me”

“Every day my feeling towards you is growing”

“Every second I spent with you is beautiful”

“I just want you to become my life partner and make my dreams come true”

“Just want to hear your voice because my heart wants to dance on your beautiful voice”

“If I have the power to wish I always wish to see you happy”

“It is difficult to spend every second without you”

“My whole body shakes when you show your sweet smile”

“It is hard to explain the feeling when you come in my life and change my life completely”

Long And Cuet Love Quotes For Her

“I still remember the day when you whisper in my ear and said that I want to live with you it is the best feeling ever”

“It is so funny I thought I was dreaming but now I realize it is a reality the moments I spend with you is all true”

“I don’t care about your past I just want you in my future”

“My heart starts dancing when you feel comfortable in my arms”

“My life is yours because without you it has no meaning”

“I was lost in darkness but you came in my life like an angel and show me the light”

Love Quotes For Her

“When you smile you become more pretty”

“The angel that always comes in my dream is real and I finally found her”

“You taught me how to live a happy life”

“It is hard to sleep without thinking about you but it is the best feeling ever”

“I feel lucky that I met such a special person who has changed my life”

“I wish I had the ability to stop the time because then I’m able to spend more time with you”

“It is such a good and beautiful memories in life that we created together”

“The best decision that my heart made is by choosing you”

“You mean everything to me and I will not do anything stupid that makes you cry”

Love Quotes For Her

“It is pretty amazing that you came in my life and flip my entire life”

“I can tell when you are sad by just looking at you because I know you more than you know yourself”

“To others your just a person but to me your my world”

“I can’t stop caring about you because my mind always think about you”

“Your my favorite alarm that I love to hear every morning”

“It is so beautiful to meet you every day and see you smiling”

I had never doubt you and just loved you unconditionally and then my love just becomes deeper for you

“When I’m with you I forget about everything and just hear your voice that touches my heart”

“My heart was stolen but it is good that it is stolen by you”

“We look awesome together my love”

“It is so funny that you became an important person in my life that I can’t afford to lose”

“I feel I’m so lucky that this perfect and cute girl is my partner”

“We together can face any situation in life with love and care”

Whenever my eyes find you my heartbeat goes up and I become blank

“When I’m sad I come to you because I know I will feel good after meeting you”

“It is so amazing that my best friend is the love of my life”

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes but I will find my soulmate”

“I wish I could go back and find you earlier to live longer with you”

My mom used to say everytime that I will get something better in life but she never told me that I will get an angel

I love you more because you are the only one who truly understands my feelings and emotions

I was not looking for any success in my life but I needed someone like you who will be my next life

At my last breath, I thank God for sending you with whom I lived a wonderful life

I hope you like this romantic and cute collection of love quotes for her.

Feel free to share these quotes with your loved ones.

Let me know below which one is your favorite and which one touches your heart.

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