74+ Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates[That Are Fun And Best]

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Well, if you are moving to a college dorm then these questions to ask potential college roommates are for you. 

If it’s your first time moving to college from your safe home then you must be nervous.

These questions will help you to start a conversation or give you some idea of what questions to ask your roommates. 

Well, you will get to see your roommate every day so you want to know more about them. 

So to initiate a conversation these questions will help you.

I hope the below questions help you.

Best Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

Best Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

It is okay to get nervous when meeting your roommate, just be yourself.

You’re going to live with your roommate from now on. So ask this simple to know him better.

Why did you choose this university? What things do you like here?

Do you have a habit of waking up early or do you like to sleep late? 

What problems did you face when you started college and how do you handle it?

Do you like cooking? 

Do you like sports? If you do, have you joined the sports team in college?

What are your plans after college?

Do you have hobbies? If you have, can you recommend some to me?

Do you like to read books? If you do, which books do you like, fiction or nonfiction, can you recommend some to me? 

How is the teaching staff here or which subject do you find hard? 

What are the rules to follow when living here or is there no rule?

What time is food given or do you like to cook your food?

Do you like doing exercise? Have you joined a gym here?

What do you do on weekends? Do you go back home or go somewhere with your friends? 

Have you toured the whole college? If you did, could you give me a tour of the college?

Do you like games? If you do, which games do you like and what other games do you recommend to me?

Which shop is best nearby to buy general things?

Have you ever gone out to eat? Which restaurant do you recommend? 

How much time do you give to your study? 

How do you manage to adapt here? Can you give me some tips? 

Is this your first time living with a roommate or are you already experienced? 

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a part-time job? 

Which things you’re interested in or which new skill you are learning?

How do you manage your time? Do you use an app to schedule your day? Which app do you use?

How do you avoid mobile distraction and focus on your study? Can you give me some tips?

Fun Questions To Ask Potential College Roommates

Girls laughing

Turn a simple chat into more fun. ask some fun questions to your roommate and enjoy your time together.

Create a favorable impression during the first meeting.

Do you listen to music? If you do, does it motivate you and can you recommend some to me? 

Do you watch movies or any shows? Can you recommend some movies to me?

Which is the most important class that I shouldn’t miss? 

Which is one of the most important things I must remember while staying here?

If I need help with something, which professor should I ask?

How do we split the household chores? Can we decide which person will do the chores on which day?

Do you like to party? If you do, can you inform me first if you’re doing a party here?

Do you feel homesick? If you do, how do you overcome it? 

If I want to go to the market, which bus should I take or what is the shortest route to reach there? 

Do you have siblings? If you do, are they in the same college? How many siblings do you have?

Which college event is most interesting? Have you ever joined any event?

Do you have a driving license? Have you ever rented a car here? Which car renting service do you recommend here? 

Do you listen to the podcast? Which is your favourite? Can you suggest some to me?

Have you taken some online courses? Can you recommend some courses to me?

How many assignments or projects do you get? How much time do they give to complete assignments or projects?

Do you like the food in college or do you like to cook your food?

Who is your favourite teacher in college and why do you like them?

How do you stay productive? Can you tell me what things you do to stay productive?

How many languages do you know? Can you give me tips on learning different languages?

Do you have a PC or laptop? Which laptop should I buy for college? Do you have any recommendations?

Have you ever stayed late at night outside? What should we do now if you decided to stay the night outside? 

Are you interested in learning a programming language? Which online course do you recommend for beginners?

Do you have dreams? Can you tell me what you want to accomplish in life?

Do you want to decorate the room or do you like it if I decorate the room? 

Which are the best places in the city to visit? Do you have any recommendations? 

Things To Ask Potential College Roommates

Two Guys Standing

Do you like to do meditation? Do you find it helpful? Can you give me some meditation tips?

Do you have a bucket list? How much of a bucket list did you complete?

Which activities do you do to relax? Can you share some activities that help you relax?

Have you enjoyed your time in college? Can you share some of your amazing college stories with me? 

Do you like coffee or tea? 

Have you ever missed a lecture in college? 

Where do you spend your free time in college? Do you have your favourite place?

Which is the best cafe nearby? Can you tell me what is the best thing about that cafe?

Do you play musical instruments? Which instrument do you like and why do you like it? Can you recommend some to me?

What’s the worst experience you had in college? Can you share your experience with me?

How do you manage your money? Do you have any financial advice for me? 

What things will make my life easier in college? Do you have any recommendations?

Do you like writing? Have you ever written a novel? If you have, can you show me your work?

If you are allowed to keep a pet in our room, which pet would you like to raise? 

What things do you find annoying? Can you share that with me? (It is a great question to ask if you want to avoid unnecessary trouble in future)

Do you play board games? Which are your favourite board games?

Is the college library great? Which books do you recommend to me from the library? 

Can I bring my friends over? Which time is best to bring them over?

Do you like to study? Can you give me tips to improve my studies?

Do you like DIY? Have you ever made something? Can you show it to me?

Is there nearby any great store that sells great clothes at affordable prices?

Do you like to watch biographies? Can you recommend some great shows?

Are you interested in creative activities? Which one you’re doing and what makes them so fun?

Do you prefer to sleep light on or do you prefer to sleep without lights?

What things should I watch out for when I enter college? 

Do you read the newspaper? What is the most amazing news you ever read?

Can you tell me what things I should do and what I shouldn’t? ( Ask these questions to get an answer for things you can and cannot do while living here)

Final Words

I hope you find the questions interesting. I know it’s hard to meet new people but it is also fun to spend time with your roommate.

You might become besties, you never know what will happen. So to know another person better these questions will help you.

Just start a conversation and everything will be alright.

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