97 Good Questions To Ask Your Cousin To Have Fun Time

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Whether it is a weekend or a normal day visiting your cousin is always fun. These questions to ask your cousin will help you to be at position where you can take a step ahead to begin the worth spendable and good conversation time in been together.

But sometimes, meeting them in person and just to avoid any awkward situation you need to have some sorts of questions in your mind to start the conversations.

Despite, it is related to your college life, job or it might sensible in different aspects of life, you can discuss all the good and bad things openly with your cousin without any hesitation.

So without any further ado let’s dive in.

21 Questions To Ask Your Cousin

What was your first experience in your life that had inspired you a lot to stick with your plans?

How often do you relax after coming from the college?

Do you follow any of the habits of your grandparents?

What is that one thing that excites you the most to start your day?

Normally, how much do you spend on an average when going to barber shop?

In your holiday, does your family plan for any travelling or for any trip?

How often do you miss us?

What was your first electronic gift that was given to you by your parents?

Have you ever gone through depression? How did you overcome through it?

At what age did you learn driving?

Do you ever buy gifts for your parents?

What is the one thing of your parents that had been stocked in your head as a source of motivation/inspiration?

Questions to ask your cousin: favorite cuisine

What is your favorite cuisine?

Do you like to exercise in the morning or at evening?

Are you a day person or night person?

What would you prefer organized or unorganised?

What do you like to wear the most, jacket or hoodie?

Have you ever witness paranormal activity around you or at any place?

What is that one skill you wish you would have learned much earlier?

Studying with digital notes or do you prefer with hard copies guides?

Are you a coffee lover or a tea lover?

What was that one shocking thing or incident that happened in your life?

Do you still prefer to play videogames or you like to play PS5 or in Xbox?

Who is you favorite Youtuber of this time?

 If you are of my age what is that one advice that you would like to give?

Do you have your own room?

To whom you are very close with, your mom or dad?

What do you like to do when it rains outside?

Fun Questions To Ask Your Cousin Sister

Questions to ask your cousin

Will you start working after your University or you are planning to take a break?

How often do you wear makeup?

Which is your favorite lipstick brand?

With you whom you are more comfortable with, mom or dad?

Have you ever sleptover at your friends place?

Which was your last country you visited to?

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How many heart breaks/ breakup you had in your life?

Who is favorite motivational speaker?

How much on a daily basis you spend your time on Snapchat?

What do you normally post on Instagram?

Which is favorite dream destination you want to visit once in your life?

How much do you like when we visit or when we all cousins meet together?

Choose from one Black or Pink?

Do you like matte lipsticks?

Which is favorite brand in chips?

Do you know how to ride a bike?

Are you interested in going to horse riding in these days?

Which is favorite beach that you have ever visited to?

Do you know about all of our family members?

How often do you change your DP over social platform?

Are you good at maths?

Which is your favorite juice?

Have you ever had a crush on someone?

What was your most horrible experience in life?

Do you like romantic series or suspense one?

How much time do you normally take to get ready for the college?

Do you always like to be fashionable?

Do you like to read novels and if so which was the last one?

Have you ever been suspended from school/college?

Did you ever lied to your parents and for what reason it was?

To whom do you often share your deepest secrets with?

Which is your favorite sports you like to watch much often in your free time?

Which is your favorite place to visit?

Do you still have your childhood toys with you?

What is that 3 hobbies you will surely choose from to do in your free time?

How do you keep your closet?

What is the most expensive thing that you have bought recently?

Which is favorite TV show to watch in your free time and with whom you like to watch?

Have you ever tried Japenese cuisine?

If you ever given a chance to work with either one of these who it would be and why, Google or Facebook?

What is your thought over having a fixed job or one should start their own business?

Which is your favorite series on Netflix?

Do you like greenery?


Questions To Ask Cousin Brother

Questions to ask your cousin brother

Tell me about that one line your dad tells you most of the time?

Do you still watch your childhood cartoons?

If you ever got a chance to meet your favorite billionaire, then who it would be?

Do you have a habit of noticing people deeply on their life journey, ups and down they go through?

Who had given you the most important lesson in your life?

What is that one thing you wish you would have knew it earlier?

Who is your favorite pop-star singer?

At what time do you normally sleep?

Have you ever met any of the celebrities?

How much do you like to have this get together with all the family members?

At what point of life, did you realize that you are doing good in life?

What do you do to make your parents happy?

Have you ever been kicked out of your classroom by your teachers?

How often do you like to do shopping for yourself?

Which was your first laptop?

Which was the last game did you played?

Have you ever tried any online make money skills?

Do you like to go for a trekking?

Who is your favorite author of all time?

Have you watched all the seasons of Harry Potter?

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?

If you ever loved to learn a new language then which would you like to learn?

What do you do when you feel so bored?

Do you have a habit of going for a walk at night?

Which was the last horror movie you watched?

What is the first thing that you do when you got up from your bed?


Final Words

That’s cover all the good questions to ask your cousin and by this you can get pretty wide and different scope of ideas on to begin a new conversation. With all these questions you will never be out of topic or you will never end up in finding difficulty in starting a good talk with your  cousins.

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Good Questions To Ask Your Friends

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