27 Signs She Loves You But Is Scared To Admit

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You are finding whether your girl loves you or not? You are getting many signals or you are having doubt. Don’t worry these signs she loves but is scared to admit will help you to get a clear idea.

No girl by herself will come to you and admits that she is in love with you.

This case is very rare.

But if you come across such a situation where the girl admits from the front then, you are the luckiest guy in the world.

But this happens with only 1-2% of boys.

The most common signs which you can easily catch up are the eye contacts, body language, extra caring and etc.,

So with this, you probably want to know the signs which can tell you what a girl thinks about you?

So without any further ado let’s dive in

Signs she loves you but is scared


Eye contact with a girl

The most common signs a boy can easily catch is eye contact.

If a girl is making constant and repetitive eye contact with you then


You can’t miss this girl.

Her eyes are the ones from where you can get to know her true feelings and thoughts about you.

This is the initial sign which a girl probably makes.

Just try to notice, if she makes eye contact with you for a longer period of time?

This happens most commonly and especially with an introvert girl.

Now you got this signs she loves you but is scared to admit.

It’s your time to take a step forward and go talk to her.

Texts you every time:

When you are in college or school you can relate to this sign.

In your friend circle, you can get to know this.

You might have your friend which tells you about the girl, that she is talking about you indirectly.

When you find a girl who is texting all day just to have a conversation with you.

Whether it is in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night.

This is a clear sign my friend you are getting a girl falling in love with you.

Finding you all the time:

She loves you but is scared

Now, this thing will not be noticeable or you can’t just find it directly.

It will come from a third party.

The third-party means your best friend.

This can happen at your college or at the office place.

When you are absent and the girl is just looking around just to find you.

When she knows that you are absent and she got upset.

Your best buddy will tell you that the girl was looking around for you or was just asking about you.

This is one of the signs she loves you but it is scared to tell you.

 Asking from others:

She loves you but is scared to tell you

You have a doubt that the girl is liking you but you are not confirmed.

Want to clear your doubt?

Then just know one thing

If this girl asks something about you from others.

She is just asking about your background, your nature, your liking, and dislikes.

Then you know that the girl is interested in you.

Emotional Issues:

She loves you but is scared to tell you

This is a very common problem with a girl.

You are in contact with a girl, talking to her every day.

But you noticed that she isn’t that open towards expressing her feelings.

This could be because of her emotional issues.

There might be a case or situation in her past which can’t forget.

This can be that her father had died when she was very young.

This incident will probably remain with her constantly in her mind and she is scared to get into a new relationship.

She is not that open to tell you that she likes you.

But the thing is that you need to give time to her and just tryna understand her feelings.

Getting upset easily:

Girl is upset

This sign is very easy to understand.

You know girls are very emotional and if you say something which hurts their feelings they can easily get upset.

Though your intention may not to hurt their feelings.

But sometimes the person takes things from different perspectives.

You are talking to her everyday or texting her every time and for some reason, if you say something which she didn’t like

Then she hangs up the phone or stops talking to you.

This means she cares for you and she didn’t expect such talks from you.

It is one of these clear signs she loves you but is scared to tell you.

Your likes become her likes:

She loves you but is scared to tell you

This is a very sweet gesture from a girl in which you can catch up with their feelings.

For example: If you like coffee and she also starts drinking coffee with you every time even if she is a tea lover.

Now, look at how things change in love?

From a tea lover to a coffee lover just because of you.

My friend, this is for you.

Don’t miss this chance my boy.

Signs she likes you but is afraid of rejection

 Share her personal things:

Share her personal things

Everything that happens with her, she shares the things with you.

When you are texting or you are in a call with her, then she shares what has happened with her, she’s gonna come and tell to you

She might share the worst scenario that had happened with her.

It’s not just the worst scene but also happy moments.

You can’t deny this thing, no one shares such personal aspects of their life until they trust or loves you.

So, you got to know what she wants and how she is feeling about you. 

Making food for you:


This happens mostly at the office or workplace.

You probably might have said in your group what food you like and dislike.

And suddenly after a day if she makes your favorite food.

But now look, she will not come directly and tells you that this for you.

You need to be smart enough to understand such steps.

Whom gonna she will make food for?

It’s just one of the clear signs she loves but is scared to admit.

Behave differently:

She loves you but is scared to tell you

This is a very common and very cheeky one.

This is a secret sign which only you can notice.

You can notice that she is not liking to get involved in parties, talk to someone or to make new friends.

But when she is with you she likes everything and every moment.

She laughs with you, she wants to talk to you.

It’s a clear indication from a girl that she is liking you.

She loves your jokes:

She loves your joke

I know you crack some bad jokes or hilarious jokes all the time which nobody understands and nobody laughs at it.

No need to get upset.

There will be one person who loves your jokes and laughs at it.

It’s not that she is just laughing to make you happy but she really enjoys it.

When a girl laughs at your jokes every time this means she is liking you and your comedy.

In fact a study of sexual selection and humor courtship

It shows that when a stranger meets(boy and girl) and when the guy tries to be funny, it is more likely that the girl is more interested in going for a date. 

Adopts your habits:

Adopts your habit

When you are with someone for a long time, then that person usually tends to try or adopts some of your habits.

Usually, the girl tries to copy you it may be the eating habit, the way you talk or walk.

She is just gonna copy that.

Don’t get annoyed by looking at such things around.

It’s just the start of new love and a new life. 

Likes your shows:

Likes you show

You are watching some shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Youtube.

These shows are highly professional and need a very kind brain to understand things.

But when you are with your girl, she loves your show and serials which you are watching all the time.

Now the game is that she will not hate this.

The reason she likes or loves to watch your shows is just because of you.

It’s not the actual show but you are with her and the more time she gets with you the more she is gonna fall in love with you.

Smiles at you every time:

Smiling at you

The moment you make eye contact with her and she smiles back to you.

Now, remember not every smile is a sign that she is liking you.

But you can easily identify the smile and especially the ‘cute smiles’ she gives you every time when you make eye contact with her.

Now in this smile, one thing you should notice is that

When you make eye contact with her, she will smile and she will start blushing.

That’s a sure signs she loves you but is scared to tell you.

Now, every time don’t wait for the right time to happen

If you believe and if you have to feel that the girl is showing some interest in you, then just go ask her.

Don’t ask directly but make some moments and get to know about her feelings for you indirectly with your talks.

She had informed to her bestie about you:

She had informed her bestie about you

Who doesn’t have their bestie?

Everyone does have right!

When a girl starts liking you and when she is falling in love with you, she will probably inform her bestie.

Not just bestie but to all her close friends whom she knows and trusts them blindly.

She will tell each and everything about you.

She will keep on praises about you with extraordinary things.

And intentionally she will tell all the good things and sometimes even those things which actually you don’t do it directly.

This is the happiest moment in any girl’s life, just to express their feelings and to share their feelings, thoughts about you to others.

By sharing all this stuff, they feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Signs she secretly wants you

Late-night talks:

Late-night talks

Nowadays this is very common.

Especially in this modern era where the generations are more open towards everything.

Late-night talks, aha!

Now late night not simply means till 1-2 o clock at night.

This can extend to 5-6 o clock.


Most of you might agree to this and can relate to this situation.

When someone loves you or you are getting in love with someone, then you don’t pay attention to time.

For you time is nothing.

It’s just the sweet and cute love talks that happens between you and her.

Though from many days you are talking to her late-night, she will not agree that she likes you or loves you.

But you know my friend what’s the reality.

If you can’t understand these simple signs then you are not doing great.

These are signs she loves you but is scared to tell you first.


Blue dress

Girls are very attentive when you are talking to them.

They listen to you very carefully each and every time.

I like this sign of expressing love secretly because it is such a sweet initial that the girl is taking for you.

What will happen?

Let say you in between you talks or chat messages you mentioned that you like blue color.

The next day, the girl will come up in a blue dress.

This is for sure.

Not just from you, if somehow the girl gets to know what your favorite color is blue, then purposely she will wear a blue dress.

Just to grab your attention.

My friend, what are you waiting for?

It is a 100% sign that she is liking you.

Now, the rest depends upon you.

Prioritizing your gifts:

Prioritizing your gifts

This is very common in girls.

They don’t want to share your things with others.

When you gift something to her, she will keep that thing for her entire life.

I have noticed this very often.

I gave my favorite bands to her and every time I met her she always had those bands which I have given to her.

For you, this might be just a band to look more fashionable.

But for us, it’s love.

Now, I have given my example for you this can be anything like pens, dress, watches, chocolates, shoes, wallet, phones, etc.,

When you noticed such type of care is being given to your things

Remember, the girl is liking you and she loves you.

Scold and Love later:

Scold you

Now, you are a man and I can understand at some point in time you might get bored because of something


You have some bad days.

The same thing can often with the girls

Girls are more likely to get irritated with things very easily.

She might shout at you, scolds you in public.

Trust me this is just anger.

Wait for some time, at the end of the day she will come back to you.

When you noticed that a girl is shouting at you without any reasons and after some time she by herself comes back to you and apologize to you

My bouy, good news for you

She is in love with you.

And trust me at some point of time this thing will surely come in your life.

Sends you pics:

Sends you pics

You both are good friends

I mean really!

Who’s gonna share pics with you?

But generally, this happens most of the time

When a girl starts having trust on you, she will send her pics just to ask you

How is she looking?

Every day she will wear a new dress and clicks a nice photo and she will send it to you.

What do you think?

What does a girl expect from you?

Does she really want to hear a nice thing about her from you?

Actually not, again these all are just signs she loves but is scared to express her love and feelings to you.

Please, my friend don’t just look at her pics, tryna understand all these love signals.

I’m telling you don’t wait for a long time to express your love to her until it is too late for you.

Fight for you with everyone:


This is a very cinematic feeling when a girl fights for you with everyone.

Now, fights not exactly mean wearing gloves and going for UFC or WWE fights.

Fights mean verbally.

She didn’t like to hear anything bad about you or wrong about you.

At this point, she will get angry and she will in front will say 2 things extra to others.

Even if you are wrong, she understands the situation and anyhow she just keeps on supporting you and protects you from the people.

All she can understand is that she loves you and she likes you and she just wants to remain by your side.

What else you want?

If a girl is doing really something like this, then you got your girl!

Don’t let her go easily, respect her love and feelings.

Holds your hands:

Holding hands

Don’t get excited by knowing this thing.

This thing will take time to happen.

But it will surely happen

When you are talking, walking around suddenly the girl hold your hands and continues to walk

100% love and care! Guaranteed


Jokes apart, but yeah this is a signal that the girl trusts you and has faith in you.

Fake statements:


This thing had happened to me a lot many times.

Every time my girl used to do this same silly thing.

She tells me that she is lifting to another city for her work but in reality, this was not the real case.

Just to check my response towards it, how I will react? Whether I’m gonna sad or be happy for her success?

She used to check this thing at the beginning.

The same thing might happen to you one day.

Just be alert!

These girls are very smart to test you.

Don’t lose marks here.

Anyways you got the point, taking a test is again simply for her confirmation.

And everything here had happened just because of love.


Nervous to express love

This is also another great sign that the girl is liking you.

This mostly happens at the beginning of your love stage.

When you are around her she gets more nervous.

Notice her carefully, she will not make eye contact with you.

By the conversation, you can easily find out that her voice is not more confident and she is a bit scared to tell you something.

You can purely feel that she is feeling uneasy and she wants to talk to you more but she can’t tell you this from the front.

Her heartbeat goes up and she will probably play with the keys or whatever she has in her hands.

Asking you to share music:

Sharing music

That’s what my girl used to ask from me every time.

The more you share your favorite music, the more she gets to know about your mood, likes, nature and your entertainment sources.

Music can easily change your mood and trust me with the love songs you can actually relate to your love and feelings.

Adjust your tie:

Handsome man

When a girl whom you are talking with for a long time and you had created a good bond with her and when she adjusts your tie

Trust me this is the best feeling you can ever get.

Getting such care you will feel blessed.

It’s not just the tie, your girl will also tell you which clothes you should wear so that you would look more handsome.

When such things happen with you, then this shows that the girl likes you.

Acts like a small child:

Little girl

You will agree to this point that girls often act like a small child.

They do some childish activity or things for you which are very small and might amaze you.

You will get a question in your mind

She is so elder and mature but yet she acts like a small child. Why?

The reasons are that she wants you to take care of her every time.

She will also talk the way in which small children used to talk.

She will put her head down and then will look at you.

Giving you that a cute little girl expression.

If you can notice such things, my friend all these are not just for timepass.

These all are signs she loves you but is scared to express her feelings.

That’s it from the post.

I hope you like it and now you the signs of a girl which can tell that she likes you and she loves you.

Don’t miss this chance.

Remember, girls will take minimum efforts to express their love and feelings but it is up to you how you understand and catch those signals.

If you got any one of these, just go ahead and talk to her.

Love is the most beautiful experience in life.

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