17 Easy Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

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Looking for someone and checking upto your male friend and you are really confused whether he likes you or not?

You probably want to look for something that will help in clearing your doubts on this issue

Inorder to get to know all such easy signs your male friend has feelings for you

Then you should go through all the list that I have included in this post

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Shows concerns for you

Signs your male friend has feelings for you

Whenever you are with your male best friend and you know that you have develop a very good bond with him

Then it is very obvious that over the time your male friend will show so much concern for you even for the small things

This behavior of your friend shows that he likes you more than a friend and also this shows he cares for you so much.

Continously talk to you on phone

Guy talking on phone

It is the most common signs which can be seen in the male and for you to check this you can probably should give prior attention to this aspect

When you see your guy is continously talking to you and for small things he is really teaching you to do things which will benefit you

Then this shows your male friend has more feelings for you and he cannot leave you all alone at any moment.

This characteristics of your friend can be seen when you both trust each other and you started to share all important things of your life

This is where your male friend will gonna take advantage inorder to show his love and care for you.

This also shows that he loves your voice and loves to talk with you for more time.

Your problem becomes his problem

Signs your male friend has feelings for you

It is very important to know how your guy reacts to your situation and to your problems

When you share some of your problem to your male friend and he tends to be with you all the time then it clearly shows that he already started considering you more than a friend

For you it should be easy to recognize that your male friend is considering your problem to his and giving all the best advice possible to you inorder to help you out

This shows your male friend is giving you much more importance in his life as compared to others

He will be around you intentionally


When a guy really started to like or love a girl then probably he will find a reason to be around you all the time

You can notice this if you are working and your male friend in the office with some work reasons or without any reasons will like to be with you all the time

When you notice such things in your guy and also it is important to understand that though the purpose is not bad

But this is pure signs your male friend has feelings for you

Likes to eat with you

Boy likes to eat with his girl

You have heard of one thing in your childhood that sharing is caring


Then your male friend will surely gonna apply this principle in his real life.

Without your notice, your guy will gonna start eating with you

Sometime not directly sitting next you but probably in your work group or your friend circle

From this you guy will try to make some conversation to you and this will gonna end up in having food with you together

This is not really limited to workspace but also to other aspects like he may ask you to go for dinner or lunch

The main reason for this is that your male friend wants to spend more time with you.

This is one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

Signs Your Guy Likes You

Gives you special gift

Giving gifts

It is the probable action of the guy to make his girl happy by giving gifts

Events like your birthday or even to some holidays the your male friend will try to give you special gift

The main reason behind giving you gifts is that your guy wants to build some kind of relation with you.

By this your guy wants to create some memories that you can relate to him whenever you notices his gifts

When you have a good friendship bond then your guy will not look for some events or occasion to give you or to surprise you

This is one the of the best signs your guy likes you

Recalls memorable moments


In the journey of friendship it is very common that you had shared many sweet memories with each others

When you are talking to your friend in person or even over phone then all of a sudden he will try to recall the sweet and cute moments that you have shared together

He will intentionally find a reason to talk to you for some more time

With this your guy wants to make you realise that how wonderfully you both have spend time together

And also with being together you actually are more comfortable in sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other.

Constantly praises you

Praises you

Your guy likes you or not then of the most easiest way to get this answer then you should check on this

Your guy will constantly praise you and he will turn this into a habit

He will praise you like – ‘You are looking so beautiful’, ‘You are so cute’, ‘You are so adorable’, ‘You make my day’

If you notice your male friend saying all these lines very often to you

Then probably you guy likes you more than a friend.

Be careful with this as this is one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

He becomes shy when in a group

Boy becomes shy for his girl

When you are with your guy and other friend circle, then it is often possible that your male friend will shy

Yes! Specially when your male friend is an introvert

In a group of your friends and when there is a topic of you both then you will notice that your guy will shy and will not be able to speak out easily

This is because your guy loves you and has a feeling for you and without being acceptance of yours he is not ready to say it to others.

Stays online for you all the time

Stays online

For the guys they will always look for their girls over the different social media platforms

Like it is common that your guy will remain online for long hours

Your male friend will probably check on your status or will wait for you just in a hope that you will start a conversation with him

Just to check on this, just go and find whether if you are online and at the same time your friend is online

It is clear that he is waiting for you.

Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You

Always picks you and drop off you at home

Boy driving a car

This is one is for those if you are living in the same city.

When you develop a sense of freedom and good bond with your guy friend then you will notice that he will start taking more care of you

If you are working together then for sure shot this will be a biggest signs your guy friend is falling for you

He will start picking you up from your home and later when you finish off with your day then he will drop you.

His main purpose is to be with you and make you realise that you both actually love each other’s accompany.

Tries to touch you

Male friend has feeling for girl


Becoming too close friend will lead you to a relationship.

When you allow your male friend to become a part of your life and shares every thing with him

Then your guy will become more comfortable to be around with you

And by this he will try to touch you and by touch I don’t mean to be a bad one.

But this touch can be like a normal shake hand, or holding your hands, pats you on your shoulder

Just a normal way.

When you notice your friend is doing such things more frequently to you

Then you know that he wants more than a friendship.

By this you should be sure that he likes you.

Wants to be alone with you all the time


This is the most wonderful moments!

Also, this is the beginning of your love life

When you able to realise this thing and tries to connect it with love then you will just blush!

This can be seen when your male friend is coming to your home very often.

When you have siblings around you or your parents then your friend will not be so comfortable at first place.

From this your friend wants to be with you alone and talk to you

This is it and you make your friend to fall in love with you.

Present himself very well

Handsome boy

It’s your guy and you are just one step away to find out if your friend likes you or not

Then you should check up on his dressing style.

It is important to note that dressing style of your guy at the beginning moments of this love journey will be completely different

He will try to dress up in a most perfect and attractive manner

Just for one reason

And that is to impress you.

Obviously, if other people will notice your male friend and starts to talk about him and praises him regarding his appearance

Then you will probably feel happy.

Can’t see you with others 

Boy getting jealous

This is the most common signs and very early of them which can be noticed in guys

It can be observed when you are spending most of the time with your best male friend and then for some reason you are interacting or spending time with others

This is where your friend will get jealous.

Sometime, to be frank and to remain honest with you

Your friend will gonna discuss this thing with you and probably his favorite line will be

Don’t be around with anyone else without any reason or for good talks

At beginning you will not understand this and probably you will be wonder for such behavior of your friend.

But you know that your friend is started to like you more and can’t share you with anyone else.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings More Than A Friend For You

Treats your family equally


When you are in a good bond of friendship and you started to share everything about you and your family

Then to remain mature and take the responsibility at first instance

Your friend will gonna show much more respect to your family

Also, any issues in your family then your guy will gonna take it very personally

This shows that your friend wants to take your responsibility and wants to spend his entire life with you

Complains for small things

Boy getting angry

When you started to trust each other and get’s into the position where you can understand each other’s emotions

Then the things will get serious even more.

Especially you will get to notice this thing when you are not giving enough time to your male best friend

For your guy your time is very important for him

Giving your time to your guy is the most precious gift you can ever give it to him

When you stop doing this, then your guy will get angry over this

He will get so annoyed even for the small things and will burst out all his frustration over you

But don’t get upset or angry on him.

This is where you should understand that for him you are very important and he really wants you more than a friend

That’s it from the post.

I hope you are now in better position to check on your male best friend.

Just try to look upto for the above listed signs and if you can find one of them in him

Then you know that your male friend has feelings for you.

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