Best Happy Independence Quotes, Wishes.

Freedom fighters gave their life inorder to make nation's next life safe and secure. 

Every sacrifice did left a deep impact onto every citizens of India.

Every soldiers, country warriors, freedom fighters are the real pride and heroes of our country

With every efforts made by our soldiers there are thousands and now crores of family who are living at peace

Our soldiers make their day and night out fighting for any danger just to bring unity among the citizens 

At 75th Independence Day, we oath to make India much stronger and be at harmony to it's utmost peak.

With every independent day and night we live today, there was a vision, core values and unbreakable dedication of many people 

With a beautiful country, we did have courageous heroes that went out fighting for our freedom without fearing anyone.

At 75th Years, we wish every citizens a peaceful and a happy Independency Day.

We were and we will stand by for and with each other

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