78 Beautiful Thinking Of You Quotes For Someone You Love

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Not a single day there is possible that I can imagine without thinking of you. From the day and the first moment I saw I just got fall in love with you and it was my pleased day that I able to catch that beautiful moment in my eyes.

If this is you and you are also looking to say something like this to your loved one, then I gotcha you!

I have crafted some amazing and sense of beautiful collection of thinking you quotes that will not let you down.

No more further describing.

Let’s get down into

Just Thinking Of You Quotes

Thinking of you quotes

I wish I had some kind of machine that lets me teleport right to you because every day without you is painful but the memories that you have given me are enough to make my day.

You’re just like water when I see you or hear you I automatically become relaxed. Your presence is enough to make my problems go away.

I still can’t do anything without you and it just shows how much I’m incapable without you.

You know when you see the sunrise and how relaxed you feel after that the same feeling I got when you are with me.

Someone asked me to summarise my wife in one word but I told them I can’t do that, then he asked WHY I told them I love her so much that I can’t describe her in one word because when someone matters to you then one whole book is not enough.

You know how the season changed so fast, the next thing you know you’re in the next season, I hope the distance between me and you will change that fast and I hope I will be beside you next season.

Just thinking of you quotes

You know you can control your mind to stop thinking about some things but even if I had control I will still think about you.

Some special people take places in the heart and sometimes you can’t stop thinking about them, you miss them so much and if you have someone like that spend some time with them because life is unpredictable.

Thinking about how you are doing, are you okay, I hope I can meet you soon this thought just come in my mind

You’re in my mind and heart but I wish you are here right next to me, I wish but I hope It will come true soon when you’re not only in my mind but also in my arms.

Missing you every day well I can’t do anything about that because that’s the only option I have.

Some people in life teach you so much that you can’t forget them and you keep remembering them and their lessons.

Just thinking about you, remembering old times, brings a smile to my face and I hope we get to meet again and tell you in person how much I miss you.

Just thinking about how much impact you had in my life and only one thing I have to say to you is I’m truly grateful that you came into my life.

Sometimes life gets rough and I feel like I can’t move forward but when I close my eyes and remember you I don’t know but at least it gives me the courage to move forward.

If you are thinking of someone right now and you are grateful to them then it is best to tell them now.

Thinking of You Quotes For Her


Just reminding and preparing myself that the day is coming close when I am finally able to meet you again, I don’t know about you but the moment I see you I might cry.

Beautiful quotes on thinking of you

 Sometimes it is best to be honest with yourself that you miss them and tell them that you are missing them.

In this unknown place where I don’t know anyone and feel alone, the only thing my heart wants and my mind always reminds me of is you.

Just remember that your smile is still saved in my mind when I want to relax and when I want courage I just play it in my mind.

When I’m far from you I always miss those little things that you do for me like bringing my coffee, encouraging me, making stupid jokes to make me laugh I miss those.

How unpredictable life is, that we met by accident and after some time, I married you and now we have a nice and happy family. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing happiness to my life.

I want to make you happy, share my pain with you and also want to be there for you when there is a tough time in life. As I’m writing this down I’m still thinking about you.

We like different things, and sometimes you have a different opinion and sometimes I have a different opinion but still, I want to be with you because I like you. That’s all that matters.

I miss those hugs, I miss that breakfast that you make for me, I just wanna say that I miss you a lot and without you, I’m a mess.

Sometimes it is really hard to focmus on work because the only thing that I want to do is to see you.

When I’m sleeping and dreaming you are there when I’m awake I’m thinking about you that’s how much I miss you.

When I’m with you time just flies away but when I’m not with you, time just moves so slowly that I wish I can come to you right now.

Sometimes your jokes are not funny but I still laugh because seeing you when you think you have said the funniest thing in the world makes me happy.

When I see shooting stars in the sky when I wake up in the morning and when I’m leaving the house and you are not there to say “HAVE A GOOD DAY”, you are not there with me, it just hurts so much.

Feeling you, talking to you, laughing with you, sharing silly jokes with you I miss all those little things.

When I’m in my dreams you’re always there and we laugh, hug and share what we did today but when I tell you to let’s go home I wake up and you are not there.

Gifts can make you remember those moments that you have forgotten so give something special to someone close to you that way you will remember this moment and one day look back and smile.

Thinking of You Quotes For Him

You know I never told you but I think this time I will tell you that you are the strong pillar of my life without you I will crumble and fade away.

There are tons of problems in life but you know it is easy to face the problem now because now you are here with me.

Just thinking about you and all of a sudden all of the sadness and stress faded away and a smile remained on my face.

The hardest thing in life is missing someone but you can’t talk to them.

The moment you have to go far from each other you start to remember every moment you spend together all those fun little things you did together and you start to become grateful for your time together.

I cherish those moments that I spent with you and I realise, the time I spent with you I used to take for granted.

Being with you makes me happy but now I’m not with you. Just remembering those beautiful, fun and crazy moments make my heart dance in joy and fill me with happiness.

Remembering you feels like those fresh winds in the morning which make you feel a lot better just like that you make me feel a lot better just by being there in my mind.

If someone asks me what the first thing I do in the morning I say I think about you because you make my mornings brighter.

Meeting you after a long time and I don’t know how to describe this feeling in words but the first thing I will do after seeing you is to hug you tightly so that you will never leave me again.

Just thinking about that person can make you smile, so now just imagine how much you will be happy if they are next to you. So tell them right now how much they meant to you.

Just thinking about some stuff can make you sad or happy or make you scared but whenever I think of you there is only one feeling I feel is I’m just happy that you’re here.

I know your cute side, strict side, angry side, happy side and sad side. I’ve just kept thinking about how many new sides you will show me in future.

When someone asks me who is a person that knows you well you are the only one that comes to my mind.

I can’t hug you now but I will remember this feeling of loneliness when I’m not with you because this feeling will remind me of how precious you are to me.

I hope when I get old you are there by my side and looking back on the crazy rollercoaster journey that we did together and laughing at those silly moments.

If you are missing someone tell them if you are grateful to someone tell them if you want to apologise to someone say it because few words can change your life.

Thinking of You Quotes For Friends


I just remembered what crazy things we did together and started laughing and just realized what crazy friends I have.

Some friends will become very special in life, whenever you remember them your heart just fills with joy and your mind becomes calm like the sea.

I just want to meet you but I think it is not possible because of how far you are. I just want to tell you, thank you for changing my life and being there for me when I was struggling.

Some wise people can come into your life in the form of friends and I have one of those and I’m truly grateful that I met them.

I still remember that moment when I was alone, crying, and sharing my problems with you and you’re quietly listening to my problem and I wanted to just say thank you.

Life is a long journey and in this journey, you meet some good people and some bad people but you also meet some crazy friends that make your journey more beautiful and fun.

I still remember that day when we first met and the first thing we did was get into a fight with each other but we still ended up becoming friends, it is a very good and fun memory.

Some friends will make you annoyed and angry but they have also made you smile and made your life more beautiful and fun and you also miss them very much.

If I ever write a book on myself I think your name will be there mostly because the person who supported me most in this journey is you.

There will be some people who will support you, there will be some people who are close to you or special to you and these people will remain in your heart and I think that’s a wonderful thing to have in life.

I think I have met some great people in life and now they are my friends and having great friends is one of the biggest treasures.

Some friends can teach you some great lessons in life and whenever you think of them you always think of them as a teacher which gives you great advice.

In this long journey if you ever feel lonely or think you need someone who can listen to your problems just remember what I’m saying now I’M HERE SO YOU CAN CALL ME WHENEVER YOU WANT.

I was missing you and thinking about those days when we were together, our lives get so busy that sometimes we forget to talk to each other. Only one last thing I want to say is LET’S MEET UP whenever you are FREE.

Today I closed my eyes and thought about everyone who was part of my life or who helped me to get where I’m now and only one thing came out of my mouth and that is thank you.

When you grow up, you become so busy in life that you don’t talk to people who are important to you. Just one thing I want to tell you is to meet up with people that you hold dear, it’s not hard to find free time in your schedule.

Everyone has their own life, their own story. Just make sure that the people who are part of your story or the people who make your story more beautiful cherish them.

Cute Thinking of You Quotes


My eyes are looking for you but you are not here, my mind is imaging you and my heart is saying just wait for a bit you will be able to see her after a few days.

You know I’m preparing for the day when I get to see you but I know the moment I see you I can’t control myself and I will just hold you in my arms.

That morning walk we used to take together, that night time when we watched an interesting movie together, in the morning when you are there smiling at me I miss all of those.

Just want to tell you something before you go to sleep. It’s that I’m missing you, I want you to know my true feelings and what kept my mind busy so much. Sometimes being honest is best.

I’m missing you, that’s the only thing I can say and I can’t do anything about it in this lonely house crying alone, that’s the only thing I’m feeling right now.

Those moments when you are angry with me, those moments when you are happy with me and some silly moments I will replay those moments in my head whenever I think of you.

If you are missing someone right now just tell them you miss them because once you tell them you are missing them they will realise just how much you care and miss them, be honest with your feelings.

In this life, there are few people that I care about and you are one of those few people. I just want to tell you that don’t worry I will always be with you and you will be with me.

Sometimes in life, you will have a bad day, feel frustrated or feel sad but that one person call will make your worries go away, put a smile on your face and make you feel that even on these bad days there is someone who is by my side.

Capture the moments that you are living in, store them because when you take time for yourself and look back on what you did in your life with your loved ones I’m sure you will smile and say I’m glad that I captured this moment.

I want to stay with you but I can’t. This short time that I spent together with you I have recorded every moment in my mind so whenever I start to miss you I will play this moment in my mind.

That’s it from the handy bunch of thinking of you quotes.

I hope now you have some handsome list of quotes that you can use it to your special person that will probably build more trust, love and respect among you and your partner.

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