90 Challenging And Funny Twin Telepathy Questions

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Have a twin and want to play a game where you reveal the secrets of your twin? Then this game is for you.

Check your twin telepathy with each other with these funny and ridiculous twin telepathy questions.

Want to test each other on how much you know about each other? Then play a game and have a fun moment.

Embarrass and irritate each other with these questions, have a good moment, and create fun memories.

If you are not twins and are a couple or friends then you can also use these questions for your game.

You don’t have to be a twin for a telepathic connection with your loved ones.

There will be someone closer to you and know you very well play with them this question game.

Good Twin Telepathy Questions


If you have twin friends and want to check how much they know each other then test them with these questions.

Below is a list of questions that are good but also funny.

Grab a pen and paper and start writing down the question you like. 

Or note it down on your computer/mobile phone/laptop. 

Go with which suits you better.

Let’s start with the questions.

1 Have you ever pranked your parents, looking like your twin brother and did they punish your twin brother or you?

2. Do you know what I hate the most and what I love the most?

3. Do you know each other’s secrets? Have you ever used this secret to ask for something in return?

4. Did both of you ever go to a party wearing the same clothes?

5. In which thing you are more awesome than your twin brother and which thing do you suck?

6. How do your parents know who is who? Have you ever tried asking your parents? What were their answers?

7. Do you ever wear my clothes and replace them with yours?

8. Do you both compete with each other in everything or some particular things? 

9. Have you ever pranked your twin brother? What were the most awesome prank stories that you can share?

10. Do you use a nickname to call each other? Tell us the story of how you decided on a nickname.

11. Do you both have any of the same hobbies or something common that you both like?

12. Have you ever tried to flirt with my girlfriend behind my back? 

13. Did you ever dress like me and change your hairstyle to mine and prank mom and dad or my girlfriend?

14. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to both of you when you were together?

15. Can you tell us what your brother is thinking right now?

16. Which one of you gets easily annoyed and which one is the calm one?

17. Have you both ever fought each other and did not talk to each other? Can you share that story with us?

18. Which one of you is good at studies and which one of you is good at sports?

19. Do you both make bets with each other? What was the best punishment for a loser you both decided on? 

20. Did you ever like the girl that I like and give up because I like it? When did it happen and who was the girl?

21. What was the funniest thing you did with your twin brother?

22. Do you know what I’m thinking right now? 

23. How many times do you fight during the day with each other?

24. Did you ever give dating tips to your twin brother? What were the tips?

25. What was the worst thing you’ve ever done to your twin brother? 

Funny Twin Telepathy Questions

Funny Twin Telepathy Questions

26. Did you ever cut your brother’s hair while sleeping?

27. Who wins the most bets between you two? What was the worst punishment you ever faced?

28. Did you ever get in trouble and use your brother’s name and what was the reaction of your twin brother afterward?

29. If you were given the chance to live like your twin brother, would you like to live like that or not?

30. If you are given a chance to make any ability of your twin brother yours which one will you choose and why?

31. Have you ever tried pranking your teachers by using your twin brother’s name?

32. Can you describe your twin in three words? 

33. Have you are parents ever failed to guess who is who?

34. Who is the first one to say sorry and admit his/her mistakes first?

35. Which one of you quickly gets angry? Have you ever gotten into trouble because of this? 

36. What price do you charge each other for helping each other? 

37. What was the most unreasonable request you heard from your twin brother?

38. Do you ever compare yourself to your brother and felt inferior?

39. Have you ever embarrassed your brother in school? What was the story?

40. Did you ever steal homework from your brother and hide the book from your brother? What was your brother’s reaction?

Twin Telepathy Questions For Friends 


You can use these twin telepathy questions on your friends.

Because if you know someone better this question will help you to test yourself and your friends.

You will get to know who knows each other better. 

41. Are you grateful that you became my friend? What was your thought when you first saw me?

42. Do you ever think I was the most stupid person born on earth?

43. How many times have we both liked the same girl?

44. What did you think of me before we became friends?

45. Have you ever scared people in public with your pranks?

46. How many things do you both have in common? 

47. Have you both ever got in serious trouble for pranks? Can you share that story with us?

48. Have you ever ditched the trip with me for your girlfriend?

49. Who is more foodie among you? How many types of foods have you tried?

50. Have you ever scared each other so much that the other person started to cry?

51. How did you two become friends? Who was the first one to start a conversation?

52. Which one of you is the easiest to please? 

53. Which one of you is the most awesome person? Why are you better than your friend?

54. Who is the most popular among others and what makes you so popular?

55. What was the worst thing you did to your friend and regretted later?

56. Who makes the most fun of others? 

57. Do you like animals? Which one is your favorite?

58. Have you ever gone to a party and caused trouble and pushed all the blame on your friend?

59. Are you grateful that you met a friend like this in your life?

60. Have you ever planned to beat me up but failed to do so? What was the plan?

Twin Tag Questions 


Well if you are planning to answer questions from your fans/followers/friends about what it is like to have twins. 

Then this list of questions might help you.

Or if you want to play with your best friend/twin brother, then you can also use this question.

Give punishment to the loser, enjoy your time together, and strengthen your bond.

61. Which one of you hates to lose and is very competitive and likes to challenge?

62. Who is the most skilled person and has more skills than the other one? 

63. Do you follow a healthy routine or do you hate to exercise?

64. Do you both love sports? Which sports do you like and have you ever thought of becoming a professional athlete in your favorite sports?

65. Who loves to do household chores at home and who hates them the most?

66. Who loves dressing himself/herself up and showing off in front of others?

67. Did you ever watch a show where you both cried and couldn’t stop tears, which show was it? 

68. Did you both like traveling, which is your favorite destination and place in the world?

69. Did you ever think of becoming an actor and which actor do you admire the most?

70. Can you tell from a look that your brother is in some sort of problem without needing to ask?

71. Have you ever tried pranking your twin by adding something to food like more spice or salt? What was the reaction of your brother?

72. Do you get two separate cakes on your birthday or do the two of you cut one cake?

73. Which one is closest to dad and which one is closest to mom?

74. What is it like to have someone who looks like you? Do you get annoyed by people’s confused reactions?

75. Share the advantages of having a twin in life? 

76. Do you share everything with your brother and who do you trust most in life?

77. Do you ever capture your brother’s most embarrassing moment? And made fun of him?

78. When was the last time you two seriously fought with each other where if no one stops you would have seriously injured each other?

79. Do you like the same food or do you have completely different tastes?

80. Have you ever received the same presents as your twin brother? 

81. How do you feel when you are alone for the first time without your twin brother?

82. Have you both ever tried or dreamed of becoming a famous duo twin? 

83. Which one of you is an extrovert and which one of you is an introvert? 

84. Have you seen each other’s real selves? 

85. Do you go to your twin brother for help first if you get into trouble?

86. Who is good at playing computer/pc games? Have you ever tried beating others by forming a team with each other?

87. If you both ever formed a team what name would you choose for your team?

88. How do you settle the score with each other by competing in different games or doing something else?

89. Have you ever watched a movie related to twins? What do you feel after watching the movie? Did your bond become stronger?

90. Did you ever try to look different from your twin brother? What changes did you make to look different?

Final Words

I hope you enjoy this post. Share this post if you enjoy the article.

If you are twin and reading this post then use these questions and ask your twin some funny questions and record their reaction.

You can also ask these questions to your friends and just enjoy the time together.

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