63 Unique Quotes On Love To Express Your Feelings

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Love cannot be defined in words. You just can’t compare the love with any other thing. Do you want to express your love and feelings, then read these unique quotes on love to get a better idea of understanding the emotions of others.

You just can’t hide your emotions and feelings, everything can be seen from your face.

Love is the most precious gift you can ever get

Unique quotes on love

Unique quotes on love for your crush

1. You are my gift and I’ll be your wrapper.

2. I was all alone but as you entered in my life, you gave me another life.

3. For life, oxygen is important but for me your presence is important.

4. Birds need wings to fly and I need you to reach skies.

5. You end with ‘U’ and my last breath will end with I love ‘U’.

6. As I listen to love songs, all of them just remind me of yours.

7. I have a mobile just to know your notifications.

8. The only warmth feeling I can feel is by holding your hands and to hug you.

Unique quotes on love

9. People won’t understand your love because they just can’t feel what you have felt in love with.

10. There is a fight between You and Me because we are in love.

11. I don’t know about the future but you made my present memorable.

12. The more you cry, the more I cried. More you laugh, the more I laughed. The more you love, the more I loved you.

13. I can’t ask anything from you because you have given me so many memories to live with it.

14. When I look to you, my heartbeat goes up.

15. You kept me in the shadow of your love.

Cute quotes for her

16. I want my name to come to the middle of your name.

17. I wish you could hold me in your arms and the time gets still.

18. I wasn’t but my heart automatically got attracted to you.

19. Wish you could meet me in my childhood, to spend more time.

20. Take me with you wherever you go.

Unique quotes on love to express your feelings

1. I don’t spill anything whatever happens between you and me.

2. I was not mad but you made me mad in your love.

3. He smiled at me the last and I came to know it’s meaning after 2 days.

Broken quotes

4. No matter what happens you were always there, standing for me and with me.

5. I like to read your message again and again.

6. Love only relies on one thing and that is ‘Belief’.

7. As I’m growing older, you are taking more care of me. I know the reason.

8. It was not the food that made me full but it was your love that did.

9. I was not comfortable in talking but you made me relax with your talks.

10. When you say ‘Good morning’ my whole day becomes very good and beautiful.

11. When I close my eyes I can see you.

12. Wear me like you wore my hoodie.

Love quotes for her

13. My day starts with you and ends with you.

14. When you start kissing my neck, I just can’t control anything.

15. You taught me to kiss, to hug, love and most importantly to live.

16. I don’t need anything if I have you by my side.

17. You made me realize the actual meaning of ‘Aww’.

18. The most peace if I could ever find then it should be in your hugs.

19. I love it when you talk about our older memories that we created together.

20. Love requires daring, dare to do anything and at any time.

Romantic Quotes on love 

1. When you undressed me, I feel like you are getting inside me.

2. I can feel your love when you close your eyes as soon as I kiss you.

Love quotes for your crush

3. My love gets more when you get goosebumps as I start touching your waist.

4. You look so beautiful in every dress, can’t choose one favorite one.

5. The only thing I need is to love you the whole life.

6. I like when you don’t complain while kissing even I’m having a beard.

7. You taught me to love myself.

8. I like when you don’t want bedsheets to cover when I’m loving you.

Romantic love quotes

9. The happiest moment of my life was when you told you like the way I love you.

10. Love is not a discussion, it’s just a thing you need to experience it.

11. When I start kissing you, You know what is coming next.

12. I can lose everything but I can’t imagine to lose you

13. I know what you want and You know what I want. That’s love.

14. I can’t sleep I don’t talk to you.

Love quotes

15. Let’s make the bed warmer with our love.

16. The cutest moment of my life is that when you make my hair like a small baby.

17. Forehead kiss is the best kiss and it cant be replaced with any other.

18. The first thing in the morning I want to do is to hug you tight.

19. I like when you whisper something in my ears.

20. I don’t know about the tattoo but I like the marks you made over my body.

21. When you are with me, I don’t like the gap between us.

22. Close your eyes and lets our lips meet each other.

23. With your touch, I can say you that ‘You are mine’.

Bottom Line

Love is a beautiful connection and bondings between two people.

Life can’t get just better if there is no love, feelings, emotions to be felt for others.

I hope you like these unique quotes on love and probably you can relate this situation with your loved ones.

If you just want to express your love and feelings to whom you love then just share these beautiful unique quotes on love and trust me you will get a better response.

No matter what happens in life, but you can’t just miss your love.

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Go and express your love. Remember you are lucky to get this experience.

Take a step forward and say I love you to your crush.

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