61 Remarkable Woman Empowerment Quotes

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In this post, I’m going to share some most powerful and influencing woman empowerment quotes, saying which I found it very useful and which can inspire any women out there.

This woman empowerment quotes will make you understand the importance of woman and will realize you that they deserve much more then what they get.

In today’s world, women’s are treated equally well in society and they are no longer less than any other men. Women empowerment is the biggest element in transforming this modern world.

Women empowerment refers to giving out power and authority to women’s and girls so that they can stand out alone much stronger, can make decisions of their own life and also of the community.

The only way the women empowerment can be more effective and successful is when there are no boundaries of restriction, limitations and any other interference.

Woman Empowerment Quotes

Woman empowerment quotes

1. The maximum patience level a human can have is possessed by women.

2. If you give love to men they will love you back with purpose, but if you give love to women they will love you unconditional.

3. If a girl is quite that does not mean she is weak, there are thousands of emotions that speak in her silence.

Woman empowerment quotes

4. Women are the one who tries to find out their happiness in their bad times.

5. Women are recognized to be much wiser because they repent.

6. Women are beautiful not from the face but from the hearts. 

Woman empowerment quotes


7. The most pains that are carried in the world is by the women.

8. Women are the second most beautiful creation made by God in this world after Adam( PBUH).

9. If you hurt a man, they look for revenge but if you hurt a woman they will forgive you.

10. A woman is one who will always convert their pain into power.

Woman empowerment quotes

11. A woman is one who will put their extra efforts and give out results beyond expectations.

12. When you give a chance to men they will succeed, when you give a chance to women they will conquer.

13. A woman knows how to convert a block of bricks into a beautiful home.

14. As a mother, a woman never gets leave and they do their work without any fees.

15. When men are asked to give suggestion they are recognized as a man but when women give their suggestion they are recognized as a bitch.

16. A man’s life is incomplete without a woman.

17. A man looks in a woman for beauty but a woman just asks for care.

18. If you educate a girl, treat her well, and get their marriage done then the doors of paradise are open for you.

quotes on woman empowerment

19. A women assumptions are 97% correct then that are made by men.

20. Women are not made to be someone’s princess but they are the queen of their own.

21. If you look a woman and consider them as bad it is not their problems, don’t correct them instead correct your perception.

22. If you are killing a girl child, you are killing your future generations.

23. If you believe in Jesus (PBUH), then remember he was there because of a woman.

quotes on woman empowerment

24. The only protection women need is courage.

25. You can never test a woman because you can’t ask a question on your existence.

26. One of the biggest fear men has is that if women take their positions they can easily overrule them.

27. Women don’t have any attitude, it’s just that they have their own standard.

28. Some of the people are afraid of fire but the women are one who becomes it.

woman empowerment quotes

29. Women in themselves are the symbol of RESPECT.

30. If you are rejecting a woman, you are saying Yes to your Ego.

31. Do things which people think you can’t do and realize them your presence and power.

32. Everything in this world is temporary even the taunts.

33. The best thing that makes women different from others is that others learn how to take power but women learn how to develop it.

34. Others tries to impressionate but women create their own image.

35. If you need success, then your success depends upon the beauty of your dreams and pure goodwill.

36. If a woman faces the storm all alone, then be aware they are the most dangerous person on the planet.


37. It is not a time to change a woman but it is a time to change your thinking.

38. Even if you treat everyone well there might a chance people leaving you but if you treat her well the possibility of separations are zero.

39. A matured man tries to speak a lot in front of others but a matured woman always remains silent in front of fools.

40. If a birth existed then it was because of a girl.

41. Work harder until people don’t require any introduction of yours.

42. Women never try to improve their beauty nor they ever complain about it.

43. Always look at the sunshine and you will never enter in darkness.

quotes on women empowerment

44. Follow the change or Be the change.

45. Women don’t require an appreciation all they need is an opportunity.

46. If you are not getting any solutions don’t listen to others, just listen to the inner mind.

47. No one in this world knows you better than yourself.

48. When a girl is broken, remember a stronger fighter of her is yet to come.

49. Women don’t require any fragrance to make others feel their presence, their presence is felt by their deeds.

50. If someone’s cheats on you it does not mean there is a mistake in you it means that they don’t have a fixed character.

51. Women have confidence which does not have any competition.

52. Everything in this world happens for a purpose.

53. A woman is stronger just because of her mother.

quotes on women empowerment

54. When a woman brings food to the table she is not afraid to have it first.

55. Get occupied with some work that you don’t have time to be sad.

56. You can do much better than what you think and what is being told to you by others.

57. When a girl smiles it does not mean she is happy all the time but sometime it means she doesn’t require anyone and she is stronger by herself.

58. A woman can accept to lose people but she can’t lose herself.

59. If you do care, love and respect your Mother just do it the same for every woman.

60. The game and world are not hard it’s the people who make it and all approach to girl to make it easier.

61. Speak good to a woman they will care for the rest.

That’s is from the woman empowerment quotes and I hope you did like it.

If you get to know some interesting things from these woman empowerment quotes than do remember these are not words, but they do have in-depth meaning.

If you are reading any woman empowerment quotes or anything try to read with there meaning and if you get to know there meaning then respect it.

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