52 Wonderful You Are Beautiful Quotes And Sayings

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Here I have shared the best collection of you are beautiful quotes and sayings. 

Every woman is beautiful in their own way, it means that you are also beautiful so stay happy and enjoy your life.

Sometimes you have to tell her how she looks, praise her beauty with the help of these words and make her happy.

If you want to express your love to her or want to tell her how beautiful she looks then this you are beautiful quotes are for you.

You Are Beautiful Quotes And Sayings

You are beautiful quotes

I want to tell you a secret that there is nothing more beautiful than you in this world.


The day when I saw your beautiful smile that day my heart tells me that she is the one that you are searching for. 


If you thought that you are not beautiful just look from my eyes and you will see how beautiful you are. 

You are beautiful quotes

Only one thing you need to do to become more beautiful is to love yourself and accept yourself the way you are.


I wish I can pause the moment that I spend with you because I don’t want this beautiful moment to end. 


Whenever I’m not with you I just look at the sky and wonder is how can someone be so beautiful and I feel lucky because that beautiful lady is part of my life. 


You know there is only one person who made my life so beautiful and amazing is you, my love. 

You are beautiful quotes for her

You are important to me and I will never let that beautiful smile fade away, I will always stay with you, that’s the promise.


I saw that beautiful smile and that’s all it took for me to fall in love with you, now you always came in my dream. 


I was alone in life but when you came into my life you bring colours with you and painted my life with beautiful colours. 


Thank you for holding my hand when I was alone and staying by my side, I was lucky to have such a beautiful and amazing partner. 


I never thought that I will have so much fun in life, It’s all thanks to you, my love, keep smiling because you look beautiful when you smile. 


I can’t describe how special you are to me because there are not enough words that can describe how much you meant to me. 


Life is amazing because you suddenly met a stranger and that stranger changes your life completely. 

You are beautiful quotes for her

I once met a beautiful girl then we become friends and suddenly we fall in love and now my life is more beautiful. 


I was walking alone in my life then you showed up and guided me to happiness, you are beautiful but you are also kind and I think that’s what makes you so special.


You become part of my life and I still feel like I’m in a dream because I never thought that someone so beautiful will come into my life. 


Capture the beautiful moments that you spend with her because when you look back that’s the memories that will make you happy. 


When I saw you the first time I can’t even move because that’s how beautiful you are.


You changed my world with just one beautiful smile and that’s how I fall in love with you. 


Every moment that I spend with you is special and I have store every moment in my heart. 


People don’t know how special you are but in my eyes, you are the most beautiful girl in this world, so believe in yourself. 


You’re beautiful, trust me because in my entire life I have never seen anyone so beautiful. 


Your kindness makes you beautiful, Your honesty makes you beautiful so trust me you don’t need anything else to become beautiful, so don’t change yourself. 

You are beautiful quotes and sayings

I think there is one thing that you need if you want to become more beautiful and that is happiness so stay happy and become more beautiful.


The people that are close to you will never judge you because they know how gorgeous you look, so stop comparing yourself and smile for them. 


My heart was frozen like ice but you melted that ice with your beautiful smile and that day I understood the true meaning of love. 


Having a beautiful partner like you in my life makes this long journey so fun and beautiful.


And that day when she smiles at me, for me that moment is special because I can’t forget that beautiful smile. 


I believe that every person is beautiful in there own way so don’t compare or judge yourself because that will only make you sad, love yourself. 


You look beautiful every day there is not a single day when you don’t look beautiful, just be yourself. 


I think there is magic in your beautiful smile because when I see it my heart beat faster and I love this feeling. 


I wake up every day to see a beautiful person in my life and that is you, my love because you are the sweetest and beautiful person in my life. 


There is only one person in my life who makes my morning beautiful with her sweet smile and that is you, my love. 


I will tell you who is the most beautiful, just wake up in the morning and see yourself in the mirror and that person in the mirror is the most beautiful, trust yourself. 


In this big world, I met a beautiful and amazing girl with whom I fall in love and that’s the best thing ever happened to me. 


The day when I asked her will you hold my hand and walk with me on this journey she smiled and said yes, that was the most beautiful moment in my life. 


The day you understood that you are the most amazing and beautiful person in this world from that day you will find a new version of yourself. 


My eyes were looking for something beautiful but then suddenly you came into my life and my eyes kept looking at you. 


If someone knows what true beauty is then they will know how beautiful you are. 

You are beautiful quotes and sayings

If your soul is good and your mind is positive then you will start to see the beauty in yourself.


Some stranger told you that you are not beautiful and you believe it but what about the people who see you as the most beautiful girl in this world. 


If you see something beautiful in someone tell them it will make them happy and they will remember this beautiful moment.


My heart was taken by a beautiful girl and she is the most precious to me and no one can replace her. 


You will understand one day what true beauty is when you will fall in love with someone. 


When I looked into your eyes I just kept looking into it because they are so beautiful and I can’t look away from them.

You are beautiful quotes

If someone asks me what is the most beautiful thing you ever saw in this world I will tell them it was you, my love.


Believe me, in this world, there are lots of people who will judge you but there are few people who always want to see you smiling so smile for them.


When I hold your hand and walk with you, I don’t want this beautiful moment to end because I love to spend time with you. 


To look beautiful you don’t need to do anything special, enjoy what you do and that will make you more beautiful. 


Whenever I’m with you I just forget everything and I just kept listening to your beautiful voice.


When you see yourself as a beautiful person then what others think about you doesn’t matter.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful you are beautiful quotes. Use these words and express your love to her.

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