6 Secret Signs A Girl Likes You

It is very common that a girl upfront very rare will express her feeling to a guy

But there are very obvious and relatable signs where you can find by her actions and behavior

Some of the behavior or moment can be made infront of you or sometime she can do it behind your back

1. She tend or intentionally makes a lots of eye contact with you.

2. She wears absolutely sexy and kinda more revealing dress and outfit when you are near by and she feel very relaxed in that dress.

3. She almost every day or the other loves to share her photos and day-routine clips to you

4. She asks about you and even more than that from your friends at your back.

5. She always and normally more than usual do likes to behave like a baby infront of you

6. She likes every joke, humor and many a times will express her shy looks.

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