17 Real Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back After Breakup

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Getting up with so many fights with your love and can’t able to find the end solution. Sometime often it happens that your love leaves for such reasons. You are confused that your love or your ex will return or not? Then this signs your ex will eventually come back will surely gonna help you a lot.

Fighting and having arguments in relationship is very common but to have mutual understanding is key to any successful relationship.

In this post I’m gonna talk about sure shot signs your ex will eventually come back and this are the common signs or hints that happens in every relation.

So, are you interested in checking out the signs your ex girlfriend will eventually come back or not?

Then without any further ado, let’s begin with

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Unintentionally talking with you

Signs your ex will eventually come back

When you have a bad argument or fight with your girlfriend and you know she is not interested in having you anymore in her life.

Then probably you might thought that it’s all over.

But wait!

Did she trying to talk with you for no reason?

This usually happens after 3-4 days after the argument or breakup. And if you find that your ex girlfriend still wants to talk or have a conversation.

That’s it, my friend! You are in a right track.

This is one of the sure short signs your ex will eventually come back and she is interested in you.

Ask from friend about you


The second reason why you should be happy that your ex will come back is that she will get a habit to ask from your friend or your best buddies.

Sometimes, you won’t be lucky enough that your ex girl will directly come and talk to you.

But it is possible that she will get to know something about you like what are you doing these days? Are you still single? Do you still have some feeling for her?

These are the most common questions your ex will probably ask from your friend.

Your job is to get information from best buddies about this point and get things done.

Checking up with your profile

Phone text messages

Sometimes a fight after breakup is very hard to make things move on normally and this is where your ex will tryna make some step to get back in relation with you again.

The third signs your ex will eventually come back is that she will definitely keeps an eye on your profile.

It need not necessary that she will check up your profile picture but it can be anything like looking at your status on Instagram or Whatsapp, Liking your photos or commenting on it.

She is doing all these stuff just to grab your attention and all you need is to understand all these signals.

It is upto you man, get up from the bed or still remain on bed but pick up the phone and make a move.

Meeting you without notice

Signs your ex will eventually come back

It is sometime possible that the places you visit most often than your ex will tryna find you over there.

By looking at her you will be surprised and you will think why even she is here?


Probably not! If you see her in another place some day or the other

And you noticed that this is happening multiple times or frequently then you gotta know this my friend that she still wants you.

Left for the fight


Your normally had an argument or a fight with your girlfriend and because she didn’t like it some of things and she got upset with you

Then what, she leaves alone! Is this ever happened to you.

Probably then you might a chance of getting your ex back because the cause of leaving was not strong enough.

After some days when her anger will go down then she will surely start gonna miss you and she will take some chance in getting back to you.

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

Have a same feeling

Girl thinking

One of the signs your ex will eventually come back is that you both posses same kind of feelings.

It is very common that when couple are in relation then they do share similar kind of feelings and emotion.

After breakup if your girl is not talking to you and she had beed ignoring you for few days now then it is obvious you will feel low.

Same goes to your ex girlfriend, she will also feel the same. But how do you know what she is feeling?

You can notice her reactions and her mood after getting into a fight with you

She will be very frustrated and sometimes get irritated very easily.

You can get know these stuff by her friends or if she is your classmate or colleague then it very easy find out such things.

Not dating anyone

Dating on phone

If your ex girlfriend truly loves you then there is no reason for her to date anyone.

Especially for girls if they had been into a relationship with someone for a long time then they developed a deep emotional connection with them.

It is very hard to forget every moments that she had shared with you.

Usually after a breakup, it is these memories they keep on recalling and this is one of the ways your ex will miss you a lot.

You have often heard that a girl after a breakup is not very comfortable to get into a relationship again very fast and the reason is that they don’t want trust to be broken again.

If you able to find such aspects in your ex and these one of the definite signs your ex will eventually come back. 

Cares for your family


I have seen this alot and this happens in very common means. Sometimes after breaking up with you it is possible that your girl is upset with you but she will continue to talk with your family.

If your ex girlfriend had a good relations with your family then she will definitely keeps on checking on to them.

She will in general be worried about their health, life or any other issues they are facing.

And also it is possible that she will not ask for you but she is still concerned for your family because she loves them.

However, it is your family and she can’t simply give up her responsibilities towards them.

This surely indicates that she is caring and no matter what between you but she still continues to do her best to take care of everyone in your family.

Calls you when she is sad

Girl sad

For a girl to share her feeling with someone is not an easy task and especially after breakup she is tensed and becomes restless.

It is very common that she will get angry on others for no reason and becomes very upset.

She might be in situation where she can’t able to find anyone to talk and understand her problems.

Ultimately she becomes very sad and she will miss you very badly.

Yes, it is possible that for long days she will control her emotions and feelings but she won’t talk to you but this control of emotions has got some limits.

After she becomes very frustrated then she will definitely relate this problem and realize that all such things are happening because of you and she will end up in calling you.

When she calls and tell everything about her situation like how she is going through these days then this is obvious signs your ex will eventually come back.

Signs Your Ex Secretly Wants You

Strong bonding with your gifts


Some point in a relation there are few moments where you have been gifted something to each other.

You can still find that your ex will not leave away your gifts and still keeps it with them.

Especially if you have ever gifted shirts, hoodie or jacket then it is very common that your ex will still loves to wear them.

By this they try to remember you.

Therefore, in relation it is not what gifts you give but it is the value ane love behind it that last forever.

It is not easy to forget about somebody especially if you have something given by them. By looking at your things or at your gifts there is an instant flash of your image that comes into your ex minds and later they might miss you.

Puts up stories related to you

Girl with phone

Another great way to find the signs your ex will eventually come back is that your ex will end up putting stories on social media that you can relate too.

I know my very close friend, he never used to come to college and most of the time he used to remain busy with his girlfriend.

They used to have a lot of arguments and many a times it ended up in breakup.

After that, my friend used to start posting some emotional stories or quotes about sadness, love, breakup and other stuff which his girlfriend can easily relate too.

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The reason behind putting up stories on social media is that to make her ex realize that he still loves her and need her back.

Block and Unblock you


When you have a argument with your love then it is very common that they will definitely block you in almost every social media platform and even to your phone number.

But after some days your ex will will realize that there is something missing and they can’t keep a hold on this.

When they start geeting these feelings and when they feel a sense of attachment towards you even after breakup then they will definitely unblock you.

And as soon as you able to find these things happening with you then it is one of signs your ex will comeback.

Not shared any secrets of you with others

Signs your ex will eventually come back

This happens mostly with the girls and especially when we talk about the relationship then girls plays a very good role in keeping your secrets.

When you were in a relationship then it is very common that you might have a common friends and if not then you might have each other friends.

This is the best way to check up for her and how she is leading her life without you?

Just hang out with friends that you know that your ex will definitely meet them.

Ask them about her and by the talk get to know something about your secrets not directly but you can plant your own stuffs to get the information indirectly.

When you find that your ex is keeping your secrets and not sharing with anyone, then this means that she cares for you.

Praises you

Holding hands

After breakup or having a argument with your love and where there is no chat or conversation between both of you.

After that you will notice that your ex will start talking with you and your ex will keep on pointing out best moments that you have shared together.

By recalling in to these moments your ex will tryna praise you and will start talking good about you in a very positive sense.

Your ex will definitely will used these words like- You are very strong, helpful, good nature, kind person, loveable

These are most common words to express your feelings and make someone realize that they still loves you.

When you find such things that you know your ex seriously wants you back.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Wants to meet you

Love meeting

It is sometime quite often that even after a breakup your ex still remains your friend or have good connection with you.

By the time you were in a relationship you got to know each other very well and you understand each other and values each other opinions.

With these you both never stop talking with each other and suddenly someday your ex just for fun ask you to hang out with you.

You might be surprised and have a thought that why your ex is still interested in hanging out with you.

When your ex ask this to you then understand this signs your ex wants you back.

Your Ex keeps telling lies

Couple had a fight

When you start talking back to your ex and in general when you ask some question regarding your relationship like how do you find we both in relation? Do you think we can get married? Do you still love me?

Obviously your ex will say No or will probably tell lies about all the questions asked.

If you find that your ex is trying to get away from the situations and just want to ignore the reality then probably your ex is not fully ready to leave you alone.

It’s the same feeling and you know your ex can’t live without you and you can’t live with your ex.

Have concerns for you


It is quite normal for anyone to show concern towards if you are very attached to them.

No matter what would be the reason for your separation but the respect and care for each other cannot be taken away easily.

Whenever your ex got to know about you that your weak or feeling low or running bad health condition then your ex will really be worried about you.

It really doesn’t matter that are you in a relationship or not but if your ex get know such things and your ex shows concerns for you and if you feel that your ex is not feeling good by looking at your condition

Then it is sure sign that your ex still cares for you

And this shows your ex wants you back

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